Matthew J. Rolin - Ohio

At the end of the day, when tiredness meets relaxed creativity, how is one direction facilitated and not the other? A pillow or an influx of thought, each holding rewards. Matthew J. Rolin creates this sonic parallax. Music filled with an unwinding timbre of dreams and sleep, then with a slight bend in listening perspective, pure energizing caffeinated grandeur. Ohio is special, occupying vast stretches of sonic landscape for timeless revolutions of sun and stars. Sounds exemplifying cool mountain valleys in the morning and still summer beaches in the dark night.

The fact Ohio is only five tracks and less than thirty minutes is another duality worth thought. Initially the desire for this composition to be longer is the first go to, then after listening, the number of tracks and content within seems decidedly astute. Matthew J. Rolin balances diversity and a fluid flow of guitar style in a length of time that maintains peak interest. Maybe there is another reason, but the idea of a purposefully succinct musical endeavor makes this even more special.

The first side offers two counter balanced tracks, "Red Brick" an uplifting sortie of rhythm and spiritual riffs. Akin to guitar greats both past and those to come. Then with the help of artist Jayson Gerycz playing the singing bowls, "Brooklyn Centre" becomes a moderately paced walk through a droning desert of radiance and evolutionary beauty. The second side's three tracks hold their own style and individuality, but the last track titled "Farther" is the anchor. Again Matthew J. Rolin's sets thoughts free with a melody of clarity and introspection. Then fast pace work on the strings pulls you in, holding everything close to the heart. And finally a drone like reverberation resets all that has been absorbed to flip the tape and start again.                

Released on Garden Portal in an edition of one hundred and fifty. There are two physical copies currently available. Also just reread this interview with Michael Potter from a year ago done by Tabs Out when Garden Portal was first started. Wonder if Michael knew this would be the picture of physical releases on bandcamp in one year of work (last photo).

Garden Portal - All Sold Out Except for Matthew J. Rolin's "Ohio"

Garden Portal - bandcamp - facebook


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