SiP - Leos Naturals

A charge of enigmatic melodies surface. Clear and effortless yet connected through generations of styles and technique. The keyboard playing glides across the surface, like a surfer at the end of a ride in the whitewater or people burdened with supplies moving across dry and weathered land. Then a pause in these sinuous harmonies, the surrounding fauna cries out in playfully distressed cries. Elephants, malfunctioning vehicle horns, birds or robots, these are wide open aural plains of both past millenniums and futures expanse. Life within welling up as hypnotic undertones are momentarily segmented. The days are like this, beautiful tranquilizing lulls of routine interrupted by the always existing screeches and squeals. Nights settle in for relaxed rumination, then lengthy dreams.

SiP is the project of the Chicago based Jimmy Lacy. Leos Naturals is a full dive into the world of rhythms and reverie. A composition stretching across vasts landscapes with many gear changes. The first two tracks, Amitabul and Pure Horse connect with the African continent. Flowing and fluid organ drenching with a timeless groove, handed down and tweaked over generations. Ras Cosmos comes as a dessert oasis, an interlude for a night of starlight rest. The longest track Malabar, approaches the Serengeti, life and wonder filling aural perception. Somehow this is reminiscent of Stewart Copeland's album the Rhythmatist, a connection in harmony through land and culture. All of this just on the first side of the cassette. The flip sinks farther into the consciousness. Chicago Dream Center is pure magnetism for the body to relax and thoughts to drift. An air of late night gazing into a world settling in. Melodic strongholds with just the right amount of inflection. The other lengthy after hours heavy is Alice. Crystalline notes oscillating with satisfying depth. Horns and chimes slowly float away like embers drifting up above an open fire.    
From reading the intro notes for Leos Naturals, Jimmy Lacy spent hours in live settings developing his creativity and skills. This is absolutely apparent in how transfixing Leos Naturals unfolds. Also for the label Not Not Fun to put this in their catalog, you need checks in all the right boxes. With help from E. Juhl on bass clarinet, P. Prezzano on melodica and C. Lacy's vocals,  this SiP release is a mesmerizing stellar beauty. Physical copies should be available from Midheaven very soon.


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