Jackson Graham - Small Impossibilities Vol. I​-​II

When light goes through heated air caused by surface warming, vision becomes refracted because of prismatic effects. Pressing play on Small Impossibilities Vol. I​-​II, causes similar circumstances. These sounds are filled with warmth, this richness seams to almost steam off the speakers. The conscious absorbing everything, creative simplicity harboring the most beautiful and sultry sounds. A push towards dreamlike states, but this composition situates in the lucid now. From clear origins, these harmonies bend ever so slightly, then gently melt thoughts for all listeners.

Jackson Graham expresses a beautiful dichotomy in perfect parts. The surge of drone like tranquility from the synthesizer is the canvas for sparkling notes from the vibraphone. Like the beach, a constant lull of foaming whitewater shattered by the echoing crash of long lines of waves. These sound passages are the crystalline sparkles from the suns rays across the endless oceans dip below the horizon. A vastness dotted with vibraphone chimes, all contributing to introspective thoughts of what lies both beyond and below. Small Impossibilities Vol. I​-​II contains four tracks moving in slow mesmerizing cadence, but ending all to quickly. This is one you will be happy to listen to many times. An absolutely gorgeous composition.

Released on the the label residing just outside of Dayton, Ohio, New Village Tapes. Small Impossibilities Vol. I​-​II arrived in the middle of March and is number two of the pair of first releases from the label. New Village Tapes is working with very limited batches of fifty five editions. These will disappear quickly once the sounds travel farther out.

Jackson Graham - bandcamp
New Village Tapes - bandcamp


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