Kris and Tavi - Lines in Dirt

Waiting with patience, sounds arrive filled with somber sentiment. A patina coating replacing the once bright melodies with aging feedback. There is a feeling these offerings were once pop songs, maybe before that, even folk songs. Now each track whispers senescent stories, imparting beauty never know in the distant origins. Many paths and experiences have led to this moment. The overall serenity is thick, almost immobilizing. This condition is only a byproduct the truly creative talent Kris and Tavi share. Listen as time and distance focus in, while electrified rhythms cause pleasant wonder and a world of pensive allure all to quickly plays through.

Lines in Dirt has a feel of sounds from the mid eighties. Comparisons could be made, but this would only serve to compartmentalize a description. As thoughts race back in time, the realization is made there was nothing like Lines in Dirt before. We hear new music as both avant-garde and experimental, we listen to old music with nostalgia and temperance. And all of this changes. For example, mainstream companies use of bands like Iggy Pop (Captain Morgans) and The Clash (Levis) in commercials. Relaying how what was once chaotic punk has been consumed and digested over time... A familiarity has been established and this condition holds total ground for the beautiful composition from Kris and Tavi. When current artists play styles or genres that have distinctive tendrils to the past, reflecting the vibe and feel sonic paths, they do so with an easily discernible ease. Listeners are not pressed to accept something completely new, their attention can absorb the subtleties of the melodies. Lines in Dirt is a well manicured bonsai tree. The art has been around for centuries, the tree the culmination of a lifetime of experience passed from preceding generations. But, this is only knowledge and technique. The tree does not know this and is merely and embodiment holding splendor in the present. Kris and Tavi have created sounds like the bonsai tree. We can look back and make connections, then soak up the charm of how good Lines in Dirt is now.

Released in a really limited edition of twenty nine copies by the Skrot Up label from Bermuda. The physical editions are gone now but the digital is ready to be heard. Peter Kris and Tara Tavi have extensive individual discographies, this is the first release they share together.

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