Max Zuckerman - The Corner Office

Although Max Zuckerman has not had a release under his name on GALTTA, he has been a long time member of the label family. As a member of Blue Jazz TV and Synthetic Love Dream, both with a handful of previous releases on GALTTA, Max makes a debut full length in the strange times we are in now. Overlooking empty streets with occasional masked individuals, The Corner Office sits with a "right angle to the sky, what a way to watch the clouds go by", sipping champagne, sniffing cocaine and eating caviar. Is that you up there Max Zuckerman, on the forty seventh floor? Your silhouette is visible while listening on this Busy Day bellow, drinking Tanqueray from the bottle. 

The Corner Office holds six tracks all over five and a half minutes each. With horns and Electric Wind Instrument from David "Fingers" Lackner, both Max and David invite guest percussionist Nathan Ellman and Mike Advensky on alternating selections. The sound is fluid and polished and holds beautiful consistency with both music and story. And story is the key to how good Max Zuckerman writting is, songs about people with a touch of both humor and heaviness. These life descriptions floating above timeless grooves uncovered in the seventies. Back then muted by the need for more upbeat dance floor rhythms, now the highlight and backbone so much in the GALTTA catalog. So here is a song for everyone at the label. Could be my first vinyl purchase as a kid and thoughts surfaced from repeated listens to The Corner Office. Thank You!

This release is in an edition of one hundred and twenty five with copies currently available from GALTTA. The label has a more recent release by Wind❏ws available to order. This is a very limited edition of fifty cassettes and floats off in a more spiritual direction than most of GALTTA's catalog.
Get them both...

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