Seikai - IV

Heartbeats of the mind, these sounds play like a theme to the tribulations of life. Melodies blurring past and future, from the western great expanse to a viewing window looking towards the curvature of Jupiter's atmosphere. Seikai brings a myriad of genres together and these musical characteristics bond like molecules forming elements. Somewhere deep within, feelings from the artist's consciousness permeate through. These sonic passages exude a beauty coruscating with pearls of introspective moodiness. Thoughts of how infinitesimal each of us really are, yet how far our minds can really go.

As the title implies, this is the fourth album from Seikai. Like the three preceding compilations, all are on the Austin, Texas label Mystic Timbre. The first Seikai full length titled To Sanzuwu is also Mystic Timbre 001. Filled with lonely thought burners, IV champions patience and shimmering creativity. A foggy pane of glass slowly becoming clearer, the sonic image taking focus is epic and mystifying. Tracks unfold with courtly grandeur, a nostalgia linking back to late night gatherings playing through the jovial dance tunes to lamenting ballads. As time connects all things, Seikai also rests in the distant future. A place where new instruments depict the saga of cosmic explorations. Fragments of buried melodies are exhumed to lift like embers floating into the sky. When the fire slowly wanes, icicles form for the mornings prismatic paths of radiant energy. Seikai holds all of these elements, sharing them with a slow and patient cadence.

As mentioned, this is a Mystic Timbre release in an edition of one hundred. Copies arrived in early March and are currently available. Seikai is the project of Anthony Pandolfino and Samuel Groat.


Mystic Timbre - bandcamp


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