YlangYlang - Interplay

There is a turbulent moment when hot and cold connect, storms, glass breaking, shock, and tingling sounds come to mind. The new composition titled Interplay by YlangYlang melts in the aural part of these thoughts. Listening to Catherine Debard explores the quickly transitioning instant when jumping into a cool blue freshwater spring from the saturating humid heat. Interplay takes these sensations stretching the fabric of this split second. Sticky sounds in thick density, sweet refreshing lyrics, a beautiful duality lasting the length of the composition, "Unhindered & Curious"....

It has been a while since a full YlangYlang composition has been fully absorbed at Lost in a Sea of Sound. The last was Life Without Structure in late 2016, long sold out from Crash Symbols. Looking at YlangYlang's releases over the last ten years on discogs, there are only a few copies for sale of Catherine's entire discography. This makes Interplay very special in the sense of the compositions availability and how absolutely gorgeous it is. Enveloping sounds are filled with beats and rhythms, insects that call with glitch like chirps and trills, cicadas droning into the evening. Wind chimes gently clang and the melodies of a distant horn carry from the city across the countryside. The connectivity of the tracks on this composition are so fluid, listeners are caught in the graceful current of Catherine Debard's stunning expression. There are times when Interplay feels like a warm companion to Sean Flynn by The Clash. Maybe its the horns, but more the drifting feelings of being lost in sonic bliss. This holds true for the tracks Lost Realms, Motion and Our Provisional especially. Interplay explores thoughts on the experiences of life, harnessing Catherine's unparalleled vocal beauty and majestic sonic creativity.  

Cassettes released by Crash Symbols in an edition of one hundred and fifty. Most of these copies are sold, but there are seven remaining at the time this is written. If you have not been acquainted with YlangYlang yet, now is a really good time. You have an opportunity to purchase a physical something, supporting both artist and label. This will soon be unavailable.

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