Cloudsound - Tempus of Diminution

A life of one hundred years is lived and is summarized by two dates of record. There is difficulty in grasping the fruition of this tremendous lengthy life, not many people live to be one hundred and in older age, thoughts are sometimes not clear. The struggles and complexities rest within the cataloged book ends, a compression of time applied after something is gone. When we think about our own lives, there is often wonder of how many people we have been. The child to young adult, the newlywed and then a parent taking care of parents. Responsibilities both grow and diminish with time. The two dates summarizing a life really only lay fact to how long it was. Tempus of Diminution hovers in these resting existences. Surfacing the mysteries and grandeur of the spirit through sonic swirls and cathedral like majesty. 
Cloudsound has been a project by Lee Boyd for almost twenty years. The first release on Fluere Tapes was back in 2014. Simply titled Cloudsound, this composition covers material from 2001 to 2008. The new release, Tempus of Diminution is the final sonic creativity from 2012 in a period Lee Boyd refers to as "zoning in to reach out". These sonic passages are the full cook of cosmic radiation. Single moments stretched out across temporal coordinates, completely filled with saturated energy oozing from hazy constraints. The selections within vibrate with harmonic clarity, their focal point channeled to and from the energy of the soul. Deep tones from analog foundations, like unseen currents in a dark river. Ethereal melodies lifting from the water's surface. A morning mist blanketing the fluid medium, sounds escaping like lethargic dragonflies lifting off in flight. Tempus of Diminution is the grandeur residing in all lives, joys and sorrows interwoven to create the beauty we all are maturing.         

This is a Geology Records release receiving all of the love and care every edition from this Milwaukee, Wisconsin label generates. Copies are currently available from the label. If you live in Europe, Cloudsound has a limited number of tapes available. Do not wait on this, with all the Cloudsound releases over the last years, there are very few physical copies available from the discography. 


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