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Marble - Two Women & Tiger

Not going to wait until the end of the post to say grab a copy. You should go to Sacred Phases website right now and GET THIS CASSETTE. There is still a four tape sale happening for ultra listening value. If you follow the above advice, reading this blog site will be substantiated.

Working on organizing my cassettes by label a few weeks ago. Sacred Phases was vying for top spot with most cassettes on one label. Marble "Two Women & Tiger " reaffirms why this is so.

I have not heard of Marble before, but with one sound sample and ongoing love for the Sacred Phases label, the purchase was made. After the first listen, my expectations had been completely eclipsed.

Marble is other worldly tribal beat jungle space jams. Each track on this cassette is filled with intrigue. There are heavy some heavy rhythms on these spools, like trees on the floor of an ancient forest. Bounteous sounds then fill each track like sun sparkling past the leaves on an old growth canopy. You can get…

Witchbeam - Tales of the Ghede Zodiac

Witchbeam is just plain super cool. The best description i have for the output by Witchbeam is not freaked out noise, but calculated classical industrial music of a future time. Of course there is noise, music and voice, all components of past industrial groups, but "Tales of the Ghede Zodiac" must have been created in some forthcoming celestial alignment. There is an underlying refinement within this cassette that can only come with an understanding derived from outside sources. I suspect some sort of time machine is involved or a visiting traveler craving past synthesizer drum beat sessions.

Listening to this cassette is a journey through a far distant manufacturing laboratory. Machinery creating beats gives way to electrical static and equipment hum. Recorded vocal messages are triggered to help along your passage. Back to something being pounded into creation. Each turn produces some new process of wonder. What is being created here? Only Witchbeam knows.

I think everyo…

Great Blue Heron - Goodnight Ghosts

The guitar singer songwriter album is a seemingly easy genre of music to create and infinitely difficult to master. This style mounts music, voice and lyrics on a microscope slide, only to be scrutinized beyond most other genres of music. I think Great Blue Heron "Goodnight Ghosts" can be unmounted from the slide and happily added to future rotations of music listening.

The first track Dusty Old Heart relays the emotional connection between the individual and their craft. This is not someone just churning out tunes, but rather an account of adeptness in communicating thought. This is followed by what sounds like an auto harp style of ballad playing called Stack Wood. Very nice choice for the second track. Song two is always my tell tale for the entire album; Maintaining interest and diversity and at least as good or more likely better than the first song.

The lyrics to the first track on side B, I Didn't Believe in Ghosts reminds me of the Roky Erickson song If You Have …

The Movies - American Oil

Just received my copy of The Movies "American Oil" from Spring Break Tapes!  Joe the label curator included some stickers and a pin. Always cool and appreciated. "American Oil" is their second release on SBT. The first "In One Era, Out The Other" released last year, has been sold out for a little while. Both releases are reissues from around 10 years ago. SBT has surfaced this music for those of us in a different loop at the time. A very good choice.

"In One Era, Out The Other" and "American Oil" are completely different. I have a difficult time in even comparing them. If you like more introspective, for the most part slower and more moody songs than "In One Era, Out The Other" would be more for you. There are of few songs on the first release like Don't Steal My Licks and Autograph with the swagger of the tone on "American Oil", but beyond this a totally different mood.

 "American Oil" is just plain m…

Young Man Find the Moon - Wica Intina & Joseph Allred

Listening to the cassette for the first time set me back a little bit. If you could read a print out of my thoughts it would have only been one long row of question marks. After going back for another listen the gravity of this sound pulled me in. I kept thinking about someone actually making this music and finally realized i should support the artists who made such a masterpiece of composition.

"Young Man Finds the Moon" starts off with some nice familiar drone. This continues on and is ever present to some extent on both sides. Almost sounding like bagpipes being played over the hills within a secluded cabin. I guess you could say a collage of sound begins, but it is much more. What seems like chaos has order. Sustained brilliance of sound samples straying far enough to keep interest, but not getting lost. There are tethers holding this zeppelin down. Cartoonish voices sped to incomprehensible pitch. Manic guitar playing sounding like a mandolin played with ten espresso sh…

Zener - Palanca Arbitraria

Horror Fiction Tapes has had a substantial start with six releases in three bundles since September of last year. Every release completely obscure but bound together as a series. This is accomplished by using printed on inserts created from vintage pages of old classic books. Very tasteful and distinct, like a seasoned book in a study. All releases are sold out now, but keep an eye out for the next bundle!

Zener as described within the tape "was", meaning they no longer perform as a band. There are some heavy sounds shaking the speakers when listening to this double cassette. Cassette A starts with menacing guitar echoing forth from a vast, dark and empty space. The listening experience is completely riveting and then followed by moments of repose. There is a suspense element in the calm, knowing the guitars are lurking for another attack. Cassette B is an uniquely different vibe. Drums exist here. More mellow, industrial, creating the beat for threatening tempo changes. The…

Eyes Like Helicopter - The Shift Of It All

Biological Radio just released their Summer Solstice Batch and Eyes Like Helicopter was one of the three creations. After watching a prehear/see video of the title track on the BR Site, and finding a lengthy Soundcloud page, my purchasing decision was settled.

Darren Myers is the man with the guitars and a varied collection of other instruments making up Eyes Like Helicopter. What distinguishes his newest release and music style is a true craftsmanship of sound. With over 13 songs from both sides, sound from The Shift of It All arrives from extremely different places. From beautiful acoustic guitar playing to crazy tribal beats with harmonica, each track is a completely new turn in sonic experience. With this vast amount of variety, listening to the cassette produces no disjointedness but rather an excitement to hear what is next. Keeping this interest is a challenging task to maintain through the course of an entire album, but "The Shift Of It All" is aptly named. Raw and f…

Greg Manata - Washing

I am unfamiliar with Greg Manata. Very familiar with Constellation Tatsu. They did an astonishing job a securing this release. Greg Manata's style of music would fit solidly with so many other labels right now. Inner Islands is the first that comes to mind, followed closely by Rainbow Pyramid.

If I could ride in a star ship like riding in a car, this tape would be playing. And yes my space craft would be equipped with a cassette player. Looking out the window, as the cosmos moves by, "Washing" would be the perfect event soundtrack for the trip. There is a beauty and happiness in this ambient drone. The songs seem to flow and drift and fill the ears, leaving only the view to be satisfied. The third song on the first side "Chamomile" starts out with what almost sound like thrusters slowing the music for the arrival of the next song "Monolith".

Clocking in at over 40 minutes, this cassette is a spool full. With the incredible seasonal batch deals from Co…

(( Husband Material )) - Go Ahead and Start The Family Without Me

I have been been enjoying this tape tremendously! Describing the sounds is a difficult task though. The easy start is the basics {{Husband Material}} with the release titled "Go Ahead and Start the Family Without Me". Probably named because it's creator is still tinkering in the sound laboratory inching the music closer to perfection.

My best attempt at typing what this cassette rattles forth.... Have you ever looked through a really old box of keepsakes? Crumbly and tattered containers, dusty and faded, hiding something that sparkles from a past existence. Each song is all deconstructed on the outside with scratchy noisy melody. Listening carefully or listening over and over for me, the turning worn shell reveals to the ear, a sweet tuneful rhythm hidden within.
This tape is full of fascinating songs, each different but congruent with each other.

Patient Sounds release number PS049. Sold out on the Patient Sounds website. Maybe they will make another batch of these, or…