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Joseph Blane - The Spider Room

In the depths thought, there is a sonic resonance giving rise to conscious apprehension. The Spider Room is a conduit bringing energy in direct focus with this unearthly venue. Joseph Blane brings listeners to this reclusive place, but with heart felt intentions. A beautiful aural flummox as to where feelings rest. Are listeners pushed to prismatic nightmares of restless distress, or is this a futuristic lullaby for for the next generation of infant sleepers?   Two sidelong tracks make up the bones of The Spider Room. This is Scottish artist Joseph Blane's debut album, recorded in a deserted empty school building with an old Sony recorder. He brought a guitar with him, but found an old piano, discarded violin and other decrepit instruments. Joseph brought energy with his guitar and dispersed it back into these schoolroom discarded relics. Recording these sounds with ghosts as the audience. True to the feelings of where these melodies/nightmares were created is the virtually unadult

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