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PJS - Alchemy

Slow oscillation of saturated sonic sustenance. Clouds billow up changing shape and color as the sky fills with water's continuous cycle. The physical tangents extend through all sentient beings as the sounds from PJS glow with the warmest radiance. This newest release, Alchemy, is a special heavy eiderdown. A gorgeous fabric of creative collective conscious, Patrick Dique & Jordan Christoff coalescing once again expelling listener's emotional angst. Maybe this is not their direct intention, but by creating sounds obviously strewn from the heart and mind, their indirect effect is nourishing for all who listen. Alchemy excels with this attribute. Somehow these sounds are a key for locked up spirit. They present with an earthly weight, macerating the nexus of tightly woven tension. And with this constant radiant energy, thoughts vaporize to lift above the focal existence of the exact present. Alchemy shapes the world around us, eliciting the connections to the primordial orig

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