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Euphotic - Conjugate Regions

Paralyzed within the sonic breakers. The force of waves preventing consciousness from moving out while the undertow constantly pushes against. Conjugate Regions has this effect on thoughts. Aural details so finite and crystalline, causing trans-fixation within the moment. These sounds are completely unnatural, equating them to known causes and experiences would be an unsuccessful monumental task. There is no need for this though, after pressing play, new sonic shapes grow within the mind. They form landscapes, creatures and passage of time. Trepidation mixed with curious astonishment, there is no need to move forward or back. A fascinating world articulates around us, energy building to crumble and build again. All of this done with a mesmerizing brilliance and patient love.     Euphotic is the work of three highly skilled artists/musicians. Cheryl E. Leonard, a composer of explored sonic fringes and who Lost in a Sea of Sound had the pleasure of recently describing Antarctica: Music f

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