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Dylan Golden Aycock - Guitar Meanderings I

Simple beauty exist in the music and presentation of "Guitar Meanderings I" by Dylan Golden Aycock. This is on the label Cabin Floor Esoterica and is superbly packaged and delivered. Listening to this makes me feel like a neophyte in the world of cassettes. This is my first Cabin Floor Esoterica acquisition and I am looking at #47 on the marker for their releases.  Dylan Golden Aycock is venerated with patience in his guitar playing. Nothing seems rushed, the strings are effortlessly played with knowledge of space and resonance. This is exemplified by two tracks on the cassette, "Love, The Lord's Lasso" and "Silver Bough". There is also the use of field recordings to diversify the mix. Almost sounding like live out takes from some point in the astronomical day of Dylan Golden Aycock. This representation can be heard on "Sharp As A Razor/Soft As A Prayor" and  "Untitled III".  With many guitar playing artists rejuvenating

German Army - Social Catalyst

Escaping the past is easy with so much music available. Modern sounds and techniques can create music completely different from what was listened to. Artist today can abandon or copy the past. German Army has grabbed just enough of the frequency of early 80s, and allowed listeners to move forward, still having safe ears in listening pleasure. The beats and effects on "Social Catalyst"  evoke a diverse trip through a soundscape of cavernous falls. Some light or platform of security and then blackness and unknown sonic beings make themselves present, loud and wondrous. This is early Cabaret Voltaire meets early African Head Charge while listening to a Witchbeam cassette. Fascinating and simply really good, German Army has always interests me. Sometimes to far advanced for my novice ears, "Social Catalyst" is a release i can keep on flipping over. Out of everything recently being released, Jozik Records delivers another essential cassette for expanding the spectru