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Filthy Huns – Leopard On My Right

Is it possible to experience a mirage for your ears? After listening to Leopard On My Right a number of times, I think I am witness to a refraction of sound. Listening to this cassette closely resembles staring at a distant Fata Morgana. The sounds of each track rapidly change within these spools, still maintaining a rooted consistent groove to bring them all together. There are moments of a late light celebration of Tuareg music. The B side of this cassette pushes strongly in that direction. This is exemplified not only by the sound but the track titles as well, like "Nomad Status". The A side is steady in mood, and reminds me a little bit of listening to the incredible 936 album by Peaking Lights. As a whole, Leopard On My Right never stops. The diversity is immense, the rhythm is hypnotic, the vocals are beckoning with thick and dense guitar. A tape you will just keep flipping and always go back to. This is the second release by Filthy Huns. Both releases are on the supe

Glass House - Haruspex

Stellar drifting to an orchestrated consonance of sound. Glass House uses a wide array of mechanics creating a dense molecular, salt strewn, ambient classical piece. Thick drones fill the background and sit at the bottom of this sound ocean. The currents at the top are controlled by well tuned musicians with some serious knowledge and experience. The overall tone is slightly foreboding, with sound safety nets cast out for moments of recovery. Overall this cassette keeps the listener slowly swirling in a beautiful maelstrom of precise composition. Pleasing Prince Dakkar on his voyage. Glass House knows exactly the mood they are after and Haruspex is a testament to that end. This cassette was created in a batch of 80 by the super cool label Cosmic Winnetou . Every release they have is sold out at the label website. Fine confirmation of how good their decisions are at every level. Keep an eye out, there is a new batch due out soon. Even though Haruspex is sold out at Cosmic Winnetou,

Stag Hare - The Djorna Trilogy

Have you ever been positively relaxed on a sunny day, attention fixed on nothing more than rays of light and their interaction on this earthly plane? This is Stag Hare for me. Capturing in music nothing more than beautiful simple existence. Delightful drone filling your mind, mixing with seldom grasped feelings of the wondrous journey we are fortunate to partake. The Djorna Trilogy is an impressive offering from Stag Hare, the project of Garrick Biggs. Three cassettes titled Angel Tech, Pongdools and Gazer. According to Garrick from the Stag Hare website, the trilogy is his second era of music. Everything before the Djorna Trilogy make up the first era while everything after starts the third era. These cassettes were produced in a run of 100 each. They are available now at the Stag Hare website and you can purchase all three, shipped to you in the States for twenty dollars. If you have not had the pleasure of being a Stag Hare fan, this is something i strongly recommend purchasing.