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Pearl River Sound – Smallchamber Music

Taking sounds and styles from the past is common in the production of music today. Being able to somehow shape them into something more, is a skilled endeavor few artists are able to accomplish. Robert Semeraro has done this with the cassette titled Smallchamber Music created under the moniker Pearl River Sound. There is a definite feel of nostalgia accompanied by true enjoyment when listening to this cassette. The composition is pleasant, has energy and sparkle. The beats and synthesizer fall comfortably into the back of your pocket, not cumbersome and not overproduced. Robert has taken an entire decade of 90's sounds and compressed it into a 30 minute hot red tape. Probably the best word to describe Pearl River Sound is playful. This could throw the sound to the point of being just amusing, but Smallchamber Music is the contrary. With so much talent, this music is adeptly crafted, the playfulness is a result of being comfortable with  the approach. For this production the ex

The Subtropics - Music For The Midwest

So many best of 2014 list out this month.... Not seeing The Subtropics double cassette released September-ish of last year. To be completely correct with internet search returns, i did find Music For The Midwest noted on the Nebraska native site The feature is titled Favorite Nebraska Albums of 2014 . So here is my list for 2014 The Subtropics - Music For The Midwest That is it. There are other great albums i listened to, but this list is to some how partially make amends for Music For The Midwest slipping through the sound cracks on so many prestigious list out there on the internet. Ironically, i would bet The Subtropics do not care and Unread Records will keep churning out vibrant unheard of artists and not even twitch. For me, i do care for what it is worth and wanted to send some love to the band and the label. Music For The Midwest is a low-fi listen into fascination and wonder. The sound circles all of the way back  revolving around the spectrum. This

Oliwa - Rituals

Fractals of synthesized sound. Dense tracks for night traveling. Oliwa is magically vigorous. Rituals is composed with inspiring rich drones and tantalizing keyboard riffs. The feelings generated while listening are timeless, boundaries of past, present and future have been leveled. Rituals is music without limitations. Truly ritual music of earthly space ports for alien civilizations. This could be the soundtrack for Baalbek, Pumapunku, or Chaco Canyon. Listeners will immerse themselves into the cosmos of sound, experiencing unheard wonders and beauty. Oliwa has crafted this cassette with precision, grooves seamlessly rolling together, maintaining interest, diverse but never disjointed. I know Rituals is an older release from 2012. This was released on the striking label Zeon Light out of Sweden. This release dates back in Zeon Light catalog, but since this is still available digitally from their bandcamp page, i thought it worth while to write about. You can also still purchase

Royallen - Sample Tape

Pilgrimaging Moroccan reed flute player flying to uncharted islands of serenity. Escaping years of performing the Sama, the traveler plays with drone like meditation and brief interludes of anticipation. Thoughts of tranquility can be heard in the back of the mind. Communications end with a brief listen into jumbled airwaves, evangelical wisdom and volleyball. The oasis of peacefulness starts with the second side of this cassette. Aged recordings of ancient piano and flute played countless times for new visitors, welcome this journeyer. Tropical fauna can be heard accompanied by ethereal voice. The last succinct moments of worldly static surface then flutter away. Royallen delivers all of this on the twenty minute cassette titled Sample Tape. Released at the end of September 2014 in a run of seventeen. Sold out from the Permanent Nostalgia site. There is for sure a copy available for purchase at Tomentosa , as i write this. Happy to write about a Gainesville, Florida artist. I wis

Micromelancolié - Order of Disappearance

With so much imagination and experience emanating from Robert Skrzynski, writing about his alias Micromelancolié is a daunting venture. Robert is prolific, innovative and exceptional at creating sound from consciousness. Mere words can only begin to help describe this sound, and will inevitably be only text for the experience Robert delivers.  Order of Disappearance ask nothing of the listener. The journey taken with this thirty minute composition is completely yours. Micromelancolié provides space for thought and reflection. In my opinion this is not a dark ambient experience. The sound within travels along the cemetery fence, menacing tones creep through the cracks. Malevolent noises beacon you through the gate, but the underlying drone of Order of Disappearance reassures you. Holding your being on the outside, not letting your attention to be fully pulled in. Becoming more and more majestic in the space of this composition, Robert delivers the listener to a higher realm of aware

Shahman - Demise of a Body

The very first post on this site was a cassette from Dismal Niche. Starting 2015, I am happy to have another tape to write about from this incredibly cool label. Sadly this is not a tape happiness works well with. This is an emotionally driven homage for the mother of the duo that makes up Shahman. The first thing to say is I am truly sorry for your (Shahman's) loss. I have not gone through this and can't begin to relate to your feelings. Demise of a Body is uniquely juxtaposed between a drone like eulogy and a heavily impassioned slab of power. Starting with a description of events and feelings and accompanied by a droned background, this offering reels the listener in to the raw outpouring of Rob & Peter Johnson. This description is really sound and i think many people could relate to these words. Then the music turns massive in comparison to the start. Violent guitar and drums that back away to softer moments of vocals and reflection. The most amazing aspect of thi