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M. Crook - Kahani

Lost in an intimate ethereal world created by M. Crook. As the sun rises above lengthy old growth pines, rays of light project through to the forest floor. An ancient stream, burrowed in the earth, moves at glacial pace. Water moving over rocks can be faintly heard complementing the drone background for our star's light, revealing all wonders. All of this takes place with the opening track titled "Freckled Hands". As the composition inches forward, birds awaken and ready themselves with song and splendor. The ambient background has slightly changed mirroring the intensity of a heating planet. Children have ventured out and their joy mixes with fauna. These sounds radiate from the second track titled "Ylla". With the flip of this cassette, the title track "Kahani" rests alone on the second side. Here, drone has departed and gives the beautiful forest stage to skilled guitar. The sounds are upbeat and positively reinforce the idea, man can coexist with

Homage to Guide Me Little Tapes (Freebies!)

Just recently ticked over 10,000 page views for lost in a sea of sound. I wanted to say thank you to everyone who has been reading this site and submitted music. This has made the time spent working on this really gratifying. As a big fan of Guide Me Little tapes, i wanted to try and and follow the path of giving back. This always impressed me and inspired me to start lost in a sea of sound. I have purchased ten cassettes of the last post completed, Son of Rama - Spheres out on OJC Recordings. This is a very well done recording and i am sure it would have a place in most every ones listening spectrum. If you would like one , please email me your address: robotrattle at gmail dot com all tapes have been given away!  as of 2:55pm EST 6/01/2015 Thank You Everyone! 1. Jaime from Pennsylvania 2. Logan from California 3. Jusahz from Hungary 4. Brian from Michigan 5. Carlos from United Kingdom 6. Matthew from Missouri 7. Bob from Ohio 8. Adam from Mew Mex

Son of Rama - Spheres

Simple and beautiful guitar drone. Your ears fall in love with this with the first listen. There are a few strong labels specializing in these blissful melodies. Now OJC Recordings has landed in this zone with their number eleven release. Son of Rama is completely unknown to me. From a little internet looking i discovered this is a Los Angeles  based artist connecting with the Los Angeles based label OJC. This new cassette titled Spheres is straight forward cosmic guitar pickings. There is a timeless quality exuding from this tape. With the subtle additions of flute, birds chirping, water moving, simple keyboards and crashing primordial thunder, Spheres has everything making this drone world enjoyable. The rhythm of the guitar stays true throughout all four tracks creating a pallet for the mind to loose itself in. Each track is different in composition, but they all meld together as a delightful whole. The last track and longest titled "Celestial Rain" is stripped down to