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Monday, August 31, 2015

1994 – 'Realistic'

Cassette number HR155 from Housecraft titled 'Realistic' is a mysterious liquefying sonic beam aimed and capable of melting listener's brain waves. Fortunately there is no digital component for the masses, saving the world from diminished thought waves. For the 33 people who purchased this third of a hundred run, their minds are a roasted chestnut color now. There is so much to here within this release, a sample of sound can only crack the door for a muffled moment.
Fragments from 'Realistic' include the worlds of wrestling and body building. Square dancing get togethers, rap music and radio dial spasms. This is juxtaposed with droned out African radio waves, alien aural radiation from disguised orbiting satellites and hypnotic echoing voices pulling you in to it's rotating plastic dimension. And more....

I purchased this from Tomentosa when it was available. Not sure where any of the other 32 cassettes are. Most likely resting in collections of other 1994 memorabilia like Kurt Cobain, Jacqueline Kennedy Onassi and John Candy shrines, box taped to Forest Gump VHS tapes, or proudly sitting next to Nelson Mandela's presidential election picture. I did find a discogs listing for this, but none for sale. Add it to your want list and maybe 1994 'Realistic' will surface.

Tomentosa - Housecraft Recordings

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Telepathy News - A Long Ride in the Dark

Andrew Nerviano is a master of composition and delivers a beautiful album with his project titled Telepathy News. My first encounter with Andrew's talent was with Inverted Orange on a split cassette by Capri Records including Altar Image & Inverted Orange. Both artists on this split made such an impact on my ears, i wrote a description of what sounds i heard long before ever striking this blog site into motion.

Even though i am almost a year late writing about the cassette titled A Long Ride in the Dark, there are still tapes available at Patient Sounds where it was purchased. The label has really good prices on three and five tape bundles. Patient Sounds also has enough diversity to appeal to the tastes of many listeners. I purchased a couple more cassettes possibly becoming future posts as well.

Telepathy News is in the cassette player now, making its migrations from side to side. On this excellent achievement, Andrew has taken the lap steel to a new habitat.  Combining his delicate vocals and gliding strings with fellow artists playing mesmerizing beats, shrewd bass, and even saxophone on a couple of tracks. The range of sounds from track to track cascade upon your ears like water over rocky falls. At times the sounds seem so soothing, Andrew's voice is quiet, drawing you in to his world. The velocity of the music makes gains on a few tracks, changing the tempo and then falling back to the tropical island tones of the lap steel creates. The diversity from track to track stays on a solid path, but the variance of sounds within each song is the true treasure of Telepathy News. There is so much within this c30 cassette, I am excited how this will flourish with certain future listens. 

Patient Sounds site - bandcamp - facebook
Telepathy News - A Long Ride in the Dark best of lists on Geographic North and Vice

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Cankun – Only The Sun Is Full Of Gold

Had a weekend of work catering two large dinner parties Friday and Saturday night. Threw maybe seven tapes in the truck and started off with Only The Sun Is Full Of Gold. My Sunday evening drive back from the beach to home was hot, windows were down, sun was pouring into the windshield, and Cankun was still flipping in the tape deck.

There was something about this album that fit perfectly with everything i was doing. I looked forward to each time i was in the truck, moving stuff around and listening to Only The Sun Is Full Of Gold.
The rhythm, the diversity of all the tracks, contributed to the curious way all of the tunes could pipeline into your state of being and tranquilize the moment. My good friend riding with me felt the same way.

The music is rich with layers of sonic filling. Guitar, synthesizer, beats and hazy electronic mist, radiate from the speakers. These pysco-tropical tracks peek up to one hundred percent humidity, slowing your movement, your thinking and conversation. This is the music to let go of every day routine with. Stop your cogitative processes and let the sounds fill the crevices and take over the center of thought. Cankun has the power to unruffle the moment and deliver you to a new vista.

I have been a fan of Cankun for years now. I knew this would be a good album when i first noticed it out on Not Not Fun as a cassette release. So did everyone else, because it sold out from the label before i could purchase it. Found more copies at Tomentosa and there are still some there if you want to pick it up. Also available at the Cankun bandcamp site.

After doing a little looking i noticed this is in vinyl form too, from Hands In The Dark Records 
Either way, you will really like this.


Not Not Fun site - facebook - tumblr
Cankun site - facebook - bandcamp
Hands In The Dark Records

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Peter Kris - Rim Of The World

If geographical locations had audio guides, Rim Of The World would definitely be the model to follow. Imagine driving and the station you are tuned to changes the sounds or music to complement where you are. This is enhanced by these sounds being composed by someone who has become familiar with the surroundings. Peter Kris has truly accomplished this with beautifully crafted music and art, emanating from emotions and talent.

The entire tone throughout Rim Of The World is a grand meandering river of strings flowing through a decaying world. Time has swept by and the pace of Peter's guitar work reflects adept skills gathered with years of labor. Fuzzy static drifts in the sky, heard then forgotten until the AM radio fade cycles again. At first listen the sounds are subdued, never asking for attention but always rich with texture and sentiment. After a few listens the magic of Peter Kris' work really settles in. Similar to man's impressions on the vast landscape, erosive human endeavors changing into an apocalyptic serene vista. Rim Of The World captures crumbling civilization, then cultivates it's essence to captivate your consciousness. That is how i c it.

This is out on the impressive Spring Break Tapes label in an run of 100. Every cassette has it's own instant film photograph on the cover. You can check out all of the photos here. Also included is a vivid book of photographs documenting Peter Kris' perceptions of the land and it's history. There are cassettes and artwork remaining at Spring Break Tapes right now. With so many people loving the label and the artist, probably nearing critical low levels soon.... 

Spring Break Tapes site - facebook - bandcamp - twitter
Peter Kris - German Army facebook

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Xiphiidae / Naturestudy / Poems for Oceans – Volume 1 & 2

Sounds of fascination. Listening through a slowly turning kaleidoscope, recognizing notes and noises, they change becoming more beautiful and then unrecognizable. When you press the triangle pointing to the right with these Housecraft releases, be still and listen. If you are patient enough, maybe the rock hitting the bottom of the well will be heard. Most likely though, the depths of these sounds will always be a mystery.

Here are releases numbered 153 and 154 on the Housecraft label. Both were produced in editions of thirty three and are a three way division of artists, Xiphiidae, Naturestudy and Poems for Oceans. Split over two cassettes with the second tape denoted as volume two. The choice of using these three artists is pretty genius. Together their sounds fuse into one massive entity. Across two tapes, they lay waste to the listening spectrum.

Ambient drifting drone fills all crevices, being led down the path by sparkling notes. Stumbling on sound samples that startle and surprise, the trek continues. So much to hear! My mind focuses on the elusive serenity provided throughout the play. This helps the ability to process this incredibly alien world created by amalgamating these three artist. Diverse is a small word to help describe these recordings, unbounded would be better. Continuously astonishing, the music is alluring, captivating and a little frightful. Everything the Housecraft label is held in awe for.

Can you get either of these cassettes? They are like trying to catch sand crabs on the beach in the daytime. They disappear into tape collections and only resurface when you are not looking. The real question then is why am i writing about this? Possibly inspiring one more person to purchase Housecraft recordings before me! If this happens, I am just going to say "your welcome" right now.
Tomentosa is the go to for the newest Housecraft Recordings.

Tomentosa site
Housecraft - soundcloud - bandcamp

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Sunny Dunes - Emmastaete

Here is another cassette from my last order from Tomentosa. Sunny Dunes with a mind melting two track composition. Something like thirty six minutes of music. Titled Emmastaete, this tape delivers both tempo and depth.  I have placed words to a Sunny Dunes cassette before titled Whims of a Rainy Day How different these two tapes are!

Emmastaete takes all listeners far from this worldly realm. Pressing play on this is like walking through the door of some alien planetary transportation shuttle. The door closes and you begin moving at speeds our earth bullet trains only dream about. The ride is so smooth, as if you are not moving at all. Looking out, the gaseous atmosphere is thick in places then gives way to serenity. Even with such velocity and absolutely foreign scenery, you are comfortably relaxed, enjoying this heavy input on all of your senses.

Sunny Dunes has created a tonal pattern that bombards your mind. A beam of sound focused directly at you. Barely letting up as the tape flips, your consciousness starts to cook and is turned over once during the radiant blast of sound waves. Perfectly crafted, Mika knows how to deliver sonic energy. Never emanating more sound than the listener can absorb, but constantly keeping the amount at the brim.

This one is out on the really cool ((Cave)) Recordings label from San Francisco. This is not my first tape from the label, but it is the first time writing about one of their releases. Emmastaete is release number thirty two for ((Cave)) and is in the last spring batch. Most of their cassettes are sold out, but you can still get Sunny Dunes directly from ((Cave)). I went back and checked and this is sold out from where i purchased at Tomentosa.

((Cave)) Recordings site - soundcloud 
Sunny Dunes - bandcamp - soundcloud 
Cool Seconds Records

Monday, August 10, 2015

Grøn – Nye Ritualer

Purchased this tape in the last order I made from Tomentosa. Incredible music to achieve extreme happiness. The tones emanating from this cassette titled Nye Ritualer are satisfying to to your inner core indeed. For everyone in the US, the coolest thing is there is still one left for sale at Tomentosa as i write this. You can also still get this from the Infinite Waves label in Denmark, but unfortunately is more expensive to ship than the tape itself. Infinite Waves has extensive distribution in Europe, so this could be at a record store near you.

By any method you come to a relationship with the artist Grøn, you will be very pleased. Nye Ritualer is ambient music with the ability to push the din of habitual patterns away. Focusing it's tone on some deep recess of the brain, Nye Ritualer slips past all the commotion and locks into you inherent connection with all living things. Here is the soundtrack to any natural physical occurrence, like cloud formation, a light breeze moving leaves on a tree in the sunlight or the inner core of a fire after hours of burning.

Simple and beautiful work, created in a dream and transcribed to physical form. Grøn has made a cassette you will go to many times, with the ability to find it's way in to what truly makes us fulfilled.

Infinite Waves site - facebook
Tomentosa site 

Friday, August 7, 2015

Tuluum Shimmering - Whose Bark Is Bent Into Circles

How do you even begin to associate words with Tuluum Shimmering? It is like trying to describe in real time the formation of glacial moraines. Whose Bark is Bent Into Circles, a cassette release in the newest batch from SicSic Tapes is classic Tuluum Shimmering. But all releases from this artist are stalwart endeavors into worlds time is measured in eras and not minutes.

Divided into two tracks and a spool to spool length of about 25 minutes each, Whose Bark is Bent Into Circles plays out on each side as a crescendo of rhythm and beauty. Like watching a spinning top in reverse, wobbling itself from the floor, then gaining more and more momentum, eventual moving so fast, removing itself from the temporal axis. You could also describe tracks from Tuluum Shimmering, like receding glaciers. As the earth is vanquished of it's ice, recessional moraines of sound are formed. These accumulations added together create huge masses of debris or sound in this analogy. All of which play out on a time scale non have ever witnessed.

Whose Bark Is Bent Into Circles is epic in it's delivery. Music that unfolds for listeners more attuned to classical music than pop. If you have an hour set aside for experiencing a composition of sound with beauty an depth, this tape will send you away with god speid.

This is amazingly the 85th release for SicSic tapes and the first from Tuluum Shimmering on the label. Sold out there. Most likely the available at Tomentosa in the near future, but in physical form now direct from the artist at the Tuluum Shimmering site.

SicSic Tapes site - bandcamp - facebook
Tuluum Shimmering site

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Creeping Pink's Future Acid Family - Future Acid Family

Listening to an awesome tape by Creeping Pink. Wanted to share this with anyone reading the site. Can you guess what is coiled and ready to strike your ears from the title "Future Acid Family"? Here is a hint; all the fixins'

There are albums out there that perfectly add energy to the listening environment. Creeping Pink's Future Acid Family is that piece off music. There, alive and breathing sound, adding to your social interactions, Future Acid Family is a source of conversation and a good listener at the same time. If you are by yourself, this tape will be a good companion, making it's presence known, and also being subdued at times for inner reflection.

The music within is completely diverse. There are somewhat traditional songs with a sixties UK bended sound to them. Then, noise and samples push on your eardrums, sometimes seeming like youthfulness wanting attention. Most of the time spaced out goodness helping this musical flight really be a beautiful experience. The combination of everything never gets disjointed, instead this cassette is thick and held together with serious compositional talent. The best aspect of this album is how lost you become while listening. Like angling two mirrors to see the reflection vanish into oblivion, no guideposts here, uncharted territory for would be play pressers. Creeping Pink delivers future sounds from the coolest places you have yet to see and hear.

This cassette is out on Holy Infinite Freedom Revival, a label based in Indianapolis. My first acquisition from the label. There is so much diversity within their catalog. Would be beneficial for anyone to listen and see what resonates with them. Future Acid Family is waiting for you there and will melt into your tape player once you get it.

Creeping Pink also has new vinyl out on Castle Face Records titled Mirror Woods
Also another new cassette titled A Feast From the Village Panty here...  On Credit or Castle Face

Holy Infinite Freedom Revival - bandcamp - facebook
Creeping Pink - facebook
Some more reading on My Old Kentucky Blog 

Wednesday, August 5, 2015


Cal Fish who is that? What's Jood? I am not sure. Have been listening to this cassette for a month now and my brain recedes in to the corner every time it wobbles the speaker cones. Come on out brain, I need words from you, we must to listen to What's Jood? one more time. Noooo...

Blazing through bandcamp releases, I lost balance and fell face first on this new release from Cal Fish. I wanted to keep clicking away but the sounds...... so mixed...... guitar, flute, voice, samples, all forcing me to obey and follow the blue hue. Purchase meeee... You will be cool. I went away and then found myself going back. I could not refuse and bought What's Jood?

There is a very ennobling quality of submerged drone on this cassette. I think this is what i enjoyed most about What's Jood? The sounds sink into the muck and can be heard traveling below. A speaker rises from the mud and sounds more clear, but there is so much earth on it. Maybe murky ectoplasm used for channeling all of the different unworldly sounds. This makes the tape difficult to really figure out and at the same time creates a cohesive goo in and through every track. Flute and guitar bring you out of the mire and simultaneously snake charm the listener. Samples and vocals keep the entire listen interesting and create reasons to keep this cassette a flippin' in the deck.

In emails Cal and I spoke about ruling the internet, there really needs to be a king. Something i have future plans for and keep putting pieces in place to do. I was surprised when my cassette arrived! Cal had made me my very own custom tape cover foreshadowing my eventual rule of the internet in 2020. I have not even taken reign, and already my tenure is being recognized!

If you want to listen to some really creative sounds and have your brain keep asking Why is Jood playing again? Check this out and order some awesomeness for yourself. Also on compact disc.

I would want to be somewhere - bandcamp
Cal Fish - facebook

Ki Oni - Elephas

Polished and sparkling sounds from Ki Oni on this new release from Inner Islands. This cassette can be your companion for everyday duties, taking a chomp out of the monotony and at the same time adding pleasant grooves for your mind to float down.

Elephas has been stuck in my truck's cassette player for a good while. The tracks within maintain there cohesiveness from start to finish. There is an upbeat vibe to the entire cassette. This tape has really befriended me in the past few weeks. Mysteriously capturing my interest while providing solid foundations for my mind to find comfort in.    

This one clocks in at over forty minutes and includes twelve really well composed tracks. Listening through your mind blurs in the world of Ki Oni. The beat stays strong, musical fire sustains intensity, figures move in harmony and without tiring, echoes of spirit noises drift through each track, creating the medium to connect with the astral plain.

Inner Islands has traveled trough the Pacific this time and found another gem in some remote volcanic outcropping. Elephas fits like a crisp new puzzle piece in the catalog of the label. The sound radiates with positive vibrations, which i think is the staple of the label. This is the second physical release for Ki Oni on Inner Islands. Available now at the label site. The first Autumn, In Reel Time is sold out, but there are a few at Tomentosa.

Inner Islands site - bandcamp - facebook
Ki Oni - bandcamp