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Trevor Ransom - Glimpses EP

Just outside of civilization, the pastoral world  moves in both glacial and violent arrays. Capturing this in sound is an accomplishment Trevor Ransom has achieved on this release titled Glimpses. Beauty is the key ingredient to Trevor's portrayal of the world he channels. Bringing this forth through delicate piano keys or layered beats and samples, provides a soundtrack for any string of moments we choose to be an obserever for.

Gimpses is hardly an EP in the modern world of cassettes. Six tracks timing in just under half an hour is on the fat side of many tapes. The feeling the listen evokes for me is a charged sonic soundscape similar to a night sky deep with stars and a storm of meteoroids punching through the earth's atmosphere. Natural beauty enhanced with spectacular activity. Glimpses is this in composition. Trevor has some very nice skills at balancing ambient canvas with sound stitches binding the journey to our consciousness. The diversity is cascading over througho…


This is the music of soundtracks for your dreams. Really incredible eighteen tracks to get lost in.  Before i write anything else, go to Tomentosa to pick up a cassette. They are already sold out at the label. Your imagination will say thank you for buying this.

The diversity of the all the "Catalog Numbers" on this cassette by PERCIVAL PEMBROKE is grandiose in sound. Everything changes but leaves a feeling of completeness at the same time. Because the tracks are shorter in length, the listening experience turns into a sonic labyrinth. You will become lost in your dream state or daydreams. Gently pulled from one peaceful place as double doors open upon the next aural horizon. This is the world of PERCIVAL PEMBROKE. Cataloged for reference because you will get lost. That is the purpose, a splendid journey filled with pleasing sounds, none to long. Like dreams throughout the night or during the day. The AUTUMN​/​WINTER CATALOG matches pace with your mind and provides comfort f…

C V L T S - A U D I A L / S

As you leave your body, many future adventures await your consciousness. In those journeys you may come across a place where the bodhisattvas are in between helping others and are hanging out in the break plane. A U D I A L / S will be playing in the background. Things will be cool like the music.

C V L T S has been around from what looks like 2010. I have listened to samples of some of their releases but this is my first proper C V L T S cassette. I should have paid more attention or listened with more intent.
A U D I A L / S is adeptly composed creating an utterly unique listening experience. Very difficult to place a tag or genre on this tape. This is what makes it outstanding.

This music almost sounds like movie short vignettes left alone for a thousand years and this is their evolution. Most of the tracks are shorter in length averaging around two minutes. The diversity is tremendous, but stays tight to the same feel for the entire play. From samples, beats, strings and synthesi…

Sabbatical - Sundown

Sometimes you are presented with music that resonates to the core of your consciousness. Sundown is a beautiful vinyl release by Sabbatical and this is a exquisite example of one of those sometimes. A pleasing composition that rests in sonic scenery where words are out of place. Melodies melt through yours ears and time disappears on this aural journey.

Sabbatical's tonal choices for Sundown are truly amazing. The entire album rests in the lullaby world of softly stating itself. Almost as if the wind were playing the instruments, gentle and at the same time always illusive and unpredictable.

As Sundown reveals it's melodic subtle beauty, your imagination will thrive within the well composed pieces. An epic soundtrack to the grandeur of the natural world, here on earth and beyond. Like watching thick fog roll off a flowing river in the first few rays of the morning sun. To a lonely comet hurling through it's endless orbit around the solar system. The music of Sundown is alw…

Tymabl Tapes - December Batch

If you are ready for the Lincoln Nebraska label that filled up and floated away all in 2015, check out these December releases. They are also the few titles that are still not sold out and even these are in dwindling quantities. Really fantastic compositions...

Here are the quick links for words and sound:

bran(...)pos - Prickers & PeckersIXTAB - Voice​-​Hand Arvo Zylo - UpheavalSomnoroase Păsărele - GAMA
Tymbal Tapes site - facebook - bandcamp

Somnoroase Păsărele - GAMA

When you hear those sounds constructed amazingly divergent... Your mind opens up and allows the music to enter in unadulterated. The relationship is made. Now you are existing in conjunction with  Somnoroase Păsărele thoughts. The complexity is bewildering, captivating and wonderful altogether.

GAMA packs in so much diversity in twenty six minutes... But before you know it the tape is over. Like driving on that long stretch of the freeway where the scenery is changing, but it is still the same scene for hours. When you're on the other side, there is no concept of the any one moment during the trip. This is how the tape plays. The sound waves cycle throughout the cassette, pulsating and rambunctious, then seductively alluring. The beauty rest in the seamless transitions because each moment on GAMA is mosaic and within each portion of the mosaic is another mosaic.

Somnoroase Păsărele have an incredibly stunning talent for creating gorgeous sonic vistas. The sounds are continually re…

Arvo Zylo - Upheaval

Even though there are tracks on Upheaval by Arvo Zylo, this sounds on this cassette reside in a world incongruous with anything known to man.  Make seven separations or versions or what ever you want to call them and plug you brain into this... Nothing will matter by the end. Upheaval will leave your mind wiped of that bad day you had. That is for sure.

I have listened to a good amount of industrial music through the years. Arvo Zylo can walk in stride with any band i have heard, most likely set the pace. Upheaval exists in an unforgiving world of mechanized subjugation. Noises for reprogramming man and machine. The sounds are beautiful at the times before the perforation of your brain is complete and the remaining "versions" take the place of any thoughts you had. Take a look at the cover of this cassette. That's not artwork... Just a real picture.

I am not surprised at this point from Tymbal Tapes. Curating music and noise from minds alien of man. They must have a gala…

IXTAB - Voice​-​Hand

IXTAB knows how to get a good tape rolling with the first track titled "War". For some reason i started thinking about Time Zone "World Destruction". Not sure why other than Voice-Hand had that start of capturing importance. Maybe its the Afrika Bambaata like underlying beat that leaves no room for anything else.

 The snakes on the cover of this cassette are so true to the sounds. This is a bad ass romp through the world of percussion. All of the tracks bite and some don't let go. Perfectly dialed in rhythms with touches of sampled noise creating an almost illustrated feeling to the beat. Your head is going to ring after listening to this loud and this is the only applicable decibel setting by the way.

Consistently delivers rhythm in all forms. All lengthy, averaging well over five minutes for nine beat attacks. One track titled appropriately "Down" stands as the only song without the use of rhythm. IXTAB wields a power few are allowed. Taking the d…

bran(...)pos - Prickers & Peckers

Prickers & Peckers exist deep within the switches of the circuit board. Divided into three cassettes, this massive compilation leaves conventionality on some other planet. Within this trio of spools a completely alien world unfolds. One race on one tape, the other on the other and finally both species together for the third.

Jake Rodriguez is the mind behind this sound architecture. He has spit his subject matter into Prickers (insects), Peckers (chickens) and lastly both insects and chickens combined. Listening to this box set has pushed my threshold to extremes. Katydid like sounds fill the first tape. An almost environmental recording of the world of nature that has just consumed hundreds of acres of coffee beans. Turning these lulling insect like noises into a perching terror. The second side of the Prickers cassette releases the swarm. These menacing noises are searching for ears to burrow into.

Peckers pretty much is deviant sonic meltdown with a happy chicken name. Here the…

A Wake A Week - Twelve Days

A world of minimalism and beauty. Delicate sounds heralded through a thick and almost motionless canvas. Simultaneously inducing sleep for the body and an almost willow wisp light for the mind. Twelve Days hangs in the fibers of your consciousness holding together the real and surreal moments in exsistance.

A Wake A Week is David Dando-Moore. Extremely well versed, he has created this composition where beauty is underpinned with trepidation. The fully rich soothing drone environment has been greeted by beautiful piano notes. More times than not these keyed tones live in the minor world. This creates the juxtaposition of both a calming aural experience undermined by a foreboding fear. The balance sounds fragile. Like a slowly turning sparkling piece of glass just outside the track of a giant pendulum. The beauty of the moment is always in peril as the massive bob approaches the exquisite artifact resting just to the edge of the equilibrium position.

This is the third release for Still …

Joseph Curwen - The Temple

A giant vortex has formed creating a low rumbling drone. This distortion moves slowly and swallows all sounds. These noises can be heard passing over the threshold and falling into the abyss. Noise is elongated, as the gravity like force pulls them down. This ceremony has occurred throughout time, accompanied by tribal rhythms played in dreams altered by Morpheus himself. The entire process is fascinating.

There is chaos. Joseph Curwen has taken a pattern and laid it underneath the disarray, creating almost a Moiré effect. The beats are the canvas for contemporary noise from civilization's motion. Some would consider the effect horrific and terrifying, nothing makes sense. Others can see without some structure, noise is only randomness. But with length of time, a spool of tape reveals Joseph Curwen's mind is processing and delivering a composition from deep within his consciousness. Taking both texture and tumult to create something that never existed before.

This is the secon…

SULCUS - Peripheral Biohardware Junkyards

This cassette is monumental. Almost an hour and a half of music that has time to go everywhere. From weird ocean cave cult worshiping to rhythm and grooved out rock. Peripheral Biohardware Junkyards is its own universe. Slow drifting guitar with droned out background, sampled voices, to ambient landscapes of serenity as well as despair.

SULCUS is transmitting their sound from the future back to the past. Collections of everything past to present and yet to come have been grafted together making an opus of sounds handed back from time. Mysterious would be the best single word description for Peripheral Biohardware Junkyards. From their diagram of some android like being on the tape cover to their website the only sense comes from portions of these spools slowing down long enough to hear a resting place. I have listened to the cassette a bunch of times now and have still not found my bearings within their sonic offerings. I am going to continue to listen, and listen. …

A Giant Fern - Six Cassettes

Just before the holidays, Carlos from A Giant Fern sent me six cassettes representing the label releases from the second half of 2015. I have listened to all of them and tried my best to describe their beauty in the posts below. I would like to extend the generosity of Carlos and A Giant Fern by sending a release to anyone who would like one. There are only six and they are all different, so you get what you will get. It is difficult because listening to the music of each artist, endears you to the composition, making you want to keep it! I will update this as soon as six people respond. Email me if you would like a cassette.

Thanks for reading, sending music and all of the positive response.
- ken

UPDATE - These went out to  Jamie in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Dee in Sydney Nova Scotia Ryan in Fernandina Beach, Florida Augie in Seattle, Washington Matthew in Columbia, Missouri Jeff in Portland, Oregon
Here are the quick links for each or the A Giant Fern tapes.
former_airline - Ice…