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Letters of Utrecht - Presence

Emptiness allows sound to travel and twist. The heaviness of it's beginnings fading with dissipating reverberation. Letters of Utrecht is sounding from a mountain peak. An oracle of mind summoning melodies, causing the surrounding world to take notice and listen. The pilgrimage to the source begins, Presence is here, no one can disobey the call. This sound god is cool, bending guitar stings to work their way into your mind. In the forty minutes Presence exists, the composition balances the contribution of droned out melodies to perfect weights. Notes seem to hover in the air, suspended by deft skills. Letters of Utrecht explores the aural world with beautiful patience. Like watching a canvas being painted in slow motion or cirrocumulus clouds moving so creepily across the sky. There are a few moments of Presence opening to exposure. The tracks "Sun Jaw", "Presence" and "Bone Ritual", shed away the drone and a tribal surf attack of drums and guitar t

ant'lrd - Sleep Drive

This is the third time i have put words up for ant'lrd. Have enjoyed Colin Blanton's sounds from the first ant'lrd cassette to land in my player, Extra Domicile on Watery Starve. This is sold out, but the 12" on Baro Records is still available from Colin's bandcamp page . Before going there, this is where you need to focus attention on.... An extremely well curated LP on Whited Sepulchre Records titled Sleep Drive. This one will make your listening environment resonate. From the beautiful packaging, glistening clear vinyl and sounds that pull the strings together on a most awesome complete presentation. If you look closely at your cartridge and stylus while Sleep Drive is spinning, tiny clef notes are being emitting. Like a cartoon, the sound system smiles when this is on the turntable. The sounds Colin creates are a spectacular combination of organic electronics and root drone. Flowing through time, brilliantly rudimentary, seeking core feelings from all listene

Score - Slump

This cassette has been churning in my head for weeks. Countless listens trying to discover words that will help describe these sounds. Not sure what listen i was on, but the realization of the difficulty i was having dawned upon my thoughts. The notes within are so subtle, like a drone lullaby that kept flicking my thoughts off and causing need for incredible resources in the thinking department to understand exactly what was happening. Twelve tracks that modify themselves slowly like the moon crossing the sky at the zenith above your head. Slump is a lengthy en devour, around an hour long. Maybe my musical taste is becoming other worldly because Slump sounds refreshingly different. Score has found a unique sonic aura and exposed these drone like noises for everyone to encounter. This is really a special niche that most people will find unsettling. Sometimes the feeling gets tight and your thoughts tense up, to the point of almost being nightmarish. Then the following track allows yo