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Günter Schlienz - Book Of Dreams

Absorbed into the Elysian sounds of Günter Schlienz again. Where the margins of music, mind and consciousness begin to become indistinct. Lush forms of constitutional electronics creating massive aural landscapes. A en devour in sonic purity loosing any date of origin. Book of Dreams was created in the vast continuum of reincarnated existence. At some point recorded and now physically alive for new listeners to experience. Seamless ambient drift at the very highest level.

Lost in a Sea of Sound described Book of Dreams on the original vinyl release, almost two years ago. The vinyl was a Cosmic Winnetou edition and on a very limited run of one hundred, sellling out extremely fast. You can read the first write up here. The second edition on compact disc is equally as good if not even better. Two additional tracks have been added and the entire musical journey plays with ease and fluidity.

The compact disc edition was produced by Zoharum, an incredibly prolific label based in Poland. The…

Dane Rousay - Anatomize

A pattern of sound meandering off the trail, now fighting through thick underbrush. Each chop of the machete clearing another few feet to travel forward. Patience and fortitude are needed to continue on. Fortunately Dane Rousay is blazing the path for us. Going in a direction where music is only a series of sounds and repetitive noise is a beauty of form. There are no predecessors on this journey. The direction Dane has taken follows all of the particles in a slow motion explosion, the entire aural field has been covered with single tones of flavor.

Anatomize is the title to this eight track compact disc. This is a great description of Dane Rousay's creativity as well. Examining the smallest details of the constructs of the consciousness. These tiny elements are truly the only way to understand the massive composition. Listening to fractured segments of thought is a startling awakening. The fact individuals have the equilibrium to mentally compose this sonic landscape and summon i…

The Hell Hole Store (Darko the Super & iAlive) - Return to the Hell Hole Store

The distance music has traveled... from roots in beatnik poetry recited to stand up bass, over a thirty-year hip hop orbital decay, now arriving at the Return to the Hell Hole Store. Incredibly well thought lyrics conveyed with the best grooves and beats. Poetry again, wit and playfulness with keen observation to both modern day issues and pop culture. This massive fourteen track composition is a complete parallax in sound. Serious beats dispatched with comic observations on the world around us. Hearing heavy but listening light, Darko the Super and iAlive are like the dancing fountains of Burj Khalifa in UAB. A whimsical sparkling surface built on ingenious complex substructure.

Darko the Super and iAlive work seamlessly together. The Return to the Hell Hole Store uses every variation in vocal delivery. Lyrical strafing delivered by duel .50 caliber M2/AN Browning machine guns, single firing or simultaneous blasts. The beats vary from raw formed unprocessed foundations to smoothly gr…

Analog, IL + Cop Funeral - Carp Lake

Deep resonating vibrations paralyze your movement and thoughts. The mind wanders free, following the drifting electronic willow wisp. A current of sound flowing through the consciousness, grounding and energizing simultaneously. Temperament through tone pushes more to the mystical side than the despairingly mundane. Thick and heavy, Carp Lake is filled with mineral rich sonic molecules. The journey takes each listener to the tranquil ambient depths, with a beautiful sparkling lifeline always connected.

This combination of skillful creativeness is Analog, IL and Cop Funeral, bass and electronics respectively. In previous posts, Lost in a Sea of Sound has described two Cop Funeral releases. Part Time Pay / Paid Vacation on 1980 Records and 2 STRESSED 2B BLESSED on Already Dead Tapes and Records. Both on the threshold of chaos, wildly different from Carp Lake. Analog, IL is new to me, but I did investigate two previous releases on 1980 Records. Aphasia and Bones​/​It's Never Too Late

Lord Toru - Heavy My Halo

Lord Toru materializes from a temporal anomaly delivering mystifying sounds. A faint line connecting a decade of eighties sounds ending in an acute angle. The line's final extension travels into a hazy continuum harboring a collective of articulate souls. Voices combine making one, with a shadowy timber where all can be heard. Ghostly lyrics hovering above slowly paced electronic beats. Heavy My Halo is a true apparition of a fiery sonic being.

Information for the exact incantation for Lord Toru is elusive. There is the beginning before becoming a Lord, when this deity was only known only as Toru. Captured on a cassette releases simply titled Toru back in 2015. In the two years that passed, the droning ambient beats have become much more focused and re-materialized as Lord Toru. This new form, edges more defined and message searingly exact, haunts from past sounds. Thoughts wander to Cabaret Voltaire in a macabre dance with Swans.

Heavy My Halo captured in September of this year a…

Solid Waste - Visions

Solid Waste is back with Dismal Niche for an incredible sounding vinyl release. In this edition, the ambient sunrise pulling on tethers the night holds firmly. Musical genres lining up in a parallel formation. Discarded eighties new wave reshaped and honed to healing crystal vibrations. Real rhythms, emanating from small pockets around the world, gliding with new harmonic purpose. Solid Waste channeling cosmic connections and creating a sonic heavy.

Nate, Josh and Mario are the tightly woven force. The five tracks on this record sparkle with a purity in iconic splendor. Each piece a grandiose vignette. Separate cinema soundtracks all joining forces for a marathon in savory styles. Starting of with the longest track, Kühle Flōte, Solid Waste reveals what they are all about. Almost meditative ambiance changing a gear into a night cruise on the Autobahn. Subsequent tracks seem to follow a similar pattern, primal beginnings, blossoming into a pageantry of synthesizer grooves. My Vision …

Ryan Kayhart - Dead Flower People

Ryan Kayhart thinks in different wavelengths. His new cassette titled Dead Flower People, an aurally displayed cross section of mutated thoughts and patterns. The entire mental anomaly seemingly recorded on a wobbly reel to reel machine. Pop music left alone too long, like a millennia, now evolved  into the unrefined aura emanating from the glowing life forms hovering just above the radiated ground. Ryan traveled back through time, maybe for a chili and a frosty, oh... and to leave us a sample of the future.

So many sounds to hear. Each track of Dead Flower People spiritually summoning a myriad of genres and styles. Altered realities trapped in ten miniature urns, each holding prismatic colored ashes that float when the lids are opened. Don't investigate two tracks at once, a possible violent reaction can occur, like anti matter mixing with matter. Listen to Dead Flower People in the the sequence provided, never playing two tapes simultaneously. This is from personal experience. W…

Inner Travels - Sea of Leaves

Inner Travels arrives again with the ninety nine percent pure ambient serenity. Just under and hour, electronics in a massive galactic centrifuge pasting the rim of felicity. Promoting a placid peacefulness, Sea of Leaves flirts with the construct of conscientiousness, brainwaves in a similar sine pattern to life itself. Seven tracks flowing gracefully together, but with subtle diversity as different tonal paths are taken. Another shimmering oasis for weary souls, fortunately this one is so real.

Going back and peeking at the Inner Travels discography on the useful discogs site, was very telling. Of the ten releases (just what was on discogs) since 2014, most everything is gone. Not even the single high priced individual used copy. To be totally accurate there are a couple of the Phinery label release Bakasyiong, but beyond that.... There is this gorgeous composition on Inner Islands in an edition of one hundred. Not sure what the count is now, but from the number of little supported …

The Eargoggle - The Beautiful Creatures Really Are So Cruel

The Eargoggle has been stumbling through the tape deck for a while now. There is so much in this composition, from moments of sweet grooved out rhythms turning into a narrow alley of rusty protruding pop hooks. It is easy to loose yourself in The Beautiful Creatures Really Are So Cruel and this is good. A vast amount of incredible musical arrangements is needed to equal the thought filled lyrics filling every track. So much to hear, the first listen is overwhelming, like some one just spilling there life out in a chance meeting. Digest, press play again, absorb the subtlety of the extremely talented Eargoggle.

Connecting with Ezra Gales sound is substantial task. Have you ever fiddled with one of those four digit combination locks. Turning each tumbler, usually difficult to spin because of grip or tension. Finally the numbers line up and the lock is still stuck. You have to compress it before it releases. The Beautiful Creatures Really Are So Cruel reminds me of opening one of these l…

Brundlefly & the Swede - "Pretense"

Dear Mr Swede & Mr Brundlefly,
Thank you for sending your energy my way. The vinyl album and it's home red line above all vinyl standards. I listened to your album five or six times consecutively. I read the "Making" story of the album on the website. Yes, writing about music is hard, but you did a splendid job relaying reasons for the existence of "Pretense". Very thankful you have belief in my listening and writing skills, and the thought i could possibly be a set of fresh ears.

The music you have created is obviously an accumulation of vasts amounts of experience, skill and passion. The immense diversity of rhythms, beats, influences, playing styles, harmonic shifts..... makes this a difficult record to describe. From reading your description of how much went into this, it makes sense while listening. There are many comparisons that come to mind, these constantly change throughout each track. Interesting you mentioned the second side homage to Yes' C…

Charles Barabé & Ratkiller - Avant​-​Garde Avorton Romantique / Transrational Suite

Another complete beast of a release to describe. Musicians like Charles Barabé & Ratkiller are looking back at the Earth from some infinite vantage point. Listeners like insects with no understanding of the musical creativity looking down upon us. This split titled Avant​-​Garde Avorton Romantique / Transrational Suite, do i need to even write more?

There are really fantastic connections between the Charles Barabé side and the Ratkiller reverse. Both have a underlying current of The Baroque. A wide array of instrumentation producing both playfulness and tension. Dramatic pirouettes of sound rotating on precarious foundations.

Avant​-​Garde Avorton Romantique by Charles Barabé is like a modern day Carl Stalling composition, describing a vibrant world with complex sounds. This music fires like an animated V16 Cadillac Series 452 engine. The cut away showing the vast array of parts working together and as the image zooms in, details of tiny android like beings all performing their in…

Valle de Galgos - El Domo Spitzerwelt

The transfer of energy across a multitude of mediums is a relatively silent affair. For example, even though the sun creates noise, sound can not travel across the vacuum of space. Scientist can recreate these sounds using satellites like the Transition Region And Coronal Explorer. They have turned visible vibrations into sonic form and time lapsed the process. What does this sound like? There is a debate concerning the resemblance to the ancient Hindu Om mantra.

Let's connect Valle de Galgos who are Atilio Sanchez and Pablo Picco, to the recreation of the hidden sounds of energy. In this beautiful composition titled El Domo Spitzerwelt, harmonium, electronics, voice and field recordings are used with tethers to an ancient and spiritual tone. The example of a star's noise could easily be transferred to the energy flow within the mind of every living being. Valle de Galgos has ushered this internal radiance to the surface. A droning epic filled with scattered diversity, much li…