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Slinky X - Darn.

Thinking of Buffalo and the freezing weather, where does the needed warmth come from? Maybe Slinky X are the sounds to get the blood moving. A four band member group with roots in punk and rock, skewed with a penchant for pop vocals. The title of this six track cassette is Darn. A summer release for this year, with well balanced components. Crisp harmonizing vocals, telling stories of the interplay of people and life. Guitar, bass and drums filled with energy and a generous pinch of rawness. Lines can be drawn back to compare many sounds from the past, but no need for this action. We are pretty much at the point where all music is a sprout from older growth. The concerns now are is the new growth healthy and is there love from it or for it? With four people playing tightly constructed music, counterpoised for all parts to shine, the answer for Slinky X is yes.

Available in cassette from the Drug Party label or Wiener Records. One of the band members from Slinky X also plays in Radiati…

Channelers - Entrance to the Next

The boundary of two air masses with different densities has moved past. Now, wind moves small patches of remaining clouds through the sky. The almost full moon, has struggled over the past few days to radiate the earth with reflected light. The last few hours has introduced a complete reversal, dry and crisp air conducting a night time glow most brilliantly vibrant. Like droning experimental electronic music, there is infinite beauty in a moonlit night time overcast sky. But when this clears, the air turning sharp and cold, resolution stretching vast distances, Entrance to the Next is impeccably germane.

Lost in a Sea of Sound has been a Channelers listener and admirer since the first composition described, They are Cloaked in Stars and Rivers in April of 2015. Each cassette taking on a different natural hue. With this newest addition, seven lengthy tracks are filled with a preponderance of clarity and direction. Notes laid out like stone steps rising beyond sight on a worn mountain p…

Lung cycles by Lung cycles

Night arrives slowly. Colors are hung in the sky, trapped briefly by dust particles and obtuse angles. Gathering resonance from moments like this majestic spectacle, Lung Cycles returns with a full length, indescribable radiant sounds echoing from times crevasses. Notes sustained like long streaks of burning amber swaths through the atmosphere. Lung Cycles seems to channel these fleeting moments, when strings gently lull the heart and voice causes thoughts to drift.

Only five tracks on this Lung Cycles solo outing. The formula branches from previous recordings, with a push towards adding lyrics and softly sung vocals. The second track titled "Hottest Day of the Year So Far" a gorgeously patient guitar melody, has resonated on previous recordings with the 8pm version, 6am version and now the 4pm version. Another track titled "Follow Me Up the Stairs" has an earlier version on a previous tape less the vocals. Using the depths of loved melodies and expounding on them,…

ullnevano x illien rosewell - Confidence is Everything III

Non stop intelligence from pen to vocal delivery. Sounds dropping like overstuffed hawks in a field of micees. Yanking consciousnesses from the daily and turning the number combination to 844-65, translated THINK. Impossible to go from start to finish on Confidence is Everything III and not wonder. Poetry from history, nature, pop culture, sports... Ullnevano and Illien Rosewell blur information and viewpoints with great beats and melodies.

Confidence is Everything III is stated to be the third and final installment of this series. The first cassette was delivered by Already Dead Tapes and Records back in October of 2015, this one is sold out. The second of the series II, came out close to exactly two years ago on the Illinois label In The Lake Records and is still available. Both Ullnevano and Illien Rosewell have 2018 releases on In The Lake Records, ShamGod (Ullnevano & Manhe) and Behold (Illien Rosewell).

With references to Hurricane Harvey, Hakeem Olajuwon, Issac Newton, Uncl…

Paula Matthusen and Olivia Valentine - Between Systems and Grounds

Outside the construct of known harmony resides an infinite spectrum of dazzling energy. With the wax and wain of this cyclic source, a warbling hum permeates space. This vibrancy exists and maintains itself without help or hindrance of the sentient world. Like the advent of snow fall, a meteor shower, heat radiating from a scorched surface, ground water eventually causing stalactites to form, an on, Paula Matthusen and Olivia Valentine hold the divining rod for sonic fluidity from these omnipresent sources. Strength of the natural world blurring it's might through machines, recording devices and attuned consciousnesses.

Between Systems and Grounds is a composition of great details. Each track, twelve in all, is documented in track title with date, time of day and collection of sounds comprising it's origin. A systematic approach helping give value to these micro compositions and this is needed. Ambiance, electronics, field recordings mixed with man made devices and methods, al…

Dachshund by Dachshund

Describing live music always seems out of place, especially when the event is quiet and intimate. There will always be a disconnect for the listener only privy to the recording. Fortunately these sounds were chronicled, and for those not attending, their absence might bring an alternate subjectivity when experiencing the event on their own accord. On this pair recordings by Dachshund, there is a feel of soothing felicity. Like watching a distant storm form and move in an amorphous direction. Meditative qualities of this natural event are pushed away. Wind and lightning draw reach in your direction. The droning vibrancy mutating into fierce claws. Dachshund has this similarity. A saxophone's soft breeze accompanied by percussion in the form of precipitation. Sometimes gentle, then powerful, always slightly unpredictable, this sonic gust has many facets. This is not a hurricane or tornado though, just an afternoon storm. Dachshund has excellent boundaries and never dislodges the lis…

Dane Rousay - Neuter

The elements of sound in detail, fluidity in sonic slow motion. Focus on a single water molecule and follow it's journey from precipitation, surface travel, and evaporation. Dane Rousay mirrors the natural turbulence of nature. The journey of an H2O molecule is just an example. Sounds all around us perform symphonies in crumbling cosmic arrangements. A rock slide, thunder, bubbling spring, there are an infinite amount of different processes. Taking what is not often possible to be heard or understood, pulling forth an audible experience, this is Dane Rousay's Neuter. Interesting in the sense of the special ability to hot tap part of the consciousness all things are connected by. Questions form on how to categorize Dane's sound. Most would think a push towards the opposite end of the spectrum music to noise, harmony to cacophony. Neuter eludes this generality for those who take time to listen and listen again. A true connection between physical presence and spiritual consci…

YMDSIH - Opened Hate

Standing on the edge, body too close, feelings of security are a few feet back. This is the only position though, far enough over to hear the rumblings from the depths below. A geological orifice connecting the surface to the black unknown. An easy visualization, think of H.G. Wells' The Time Traveller peering over the rim of an entry in to the Morlock's subterranean world. Sonic aberrations welling up from indeterminable distances. Is YMDSIH a future race built around consumption of the remaining human populace? Or are these lengthy aural passages from beyond this earth and completely alien?

Opened Hate is the title of this engrossing darkly shaded drone amalgam of Jake Watkins and Josh Tabbia. Ten tracks split across roughly forty minutes, with song titles mirroring these whirring tones.
Amazingly the entire album was recorded live in one outing. When channeling these remote dimensions, the affinity for both points of prescience is well understood. Jake and Josh clearly reco…


L. Eugene Methe and Megan Siebe are tumbling thoughts again. These peripheral words struggle in descriptive efforts. Beautiful sounds from lonely places, gently echoing from everyday life. Touches of classical tones fused then dismantled. This sonic world is a paradox of perfect form and twisted inclinations. Subtle strings playing lullabies for slumber and opening passages for nightmares. Liturgical ambiance superbly characteristic of centuries past in ebb and flow with distorted artistry of neoteric sound manipulation. When creativity and talent reach a rolling boil then are left to smoothly simmer, Archive Spinoffs permeate the air.

CITIZEN ELECTRICAL works in the ambit of harmonious elegance. There is a passage in Edgar Allan Poe's A Descent Into The Maelstrom that resonates when listening then trying to describe Archive Spinoffs. "The ordinary accounts of this vortex had by no means prepared me for what I saw. That of Jonas Ramus, which is perhaps the most circumstantial…