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Spliff Jacksun - Sanctuary

There are days the sigh laziness. Times when responsibilities are pushed aside, the sun only working in the empty space clouds will provide. People walk by with a myriad of casual glides, inner rhythms in no hurry or purpose. Everything is unique and special, differences just subtle enough to be differences at all, but more clearly apparent when observed with any detail. Spliff Jacksun takes heart in embodying these qualities. His composition titled Sanctuary is a sonic tapestry depicting life in it's most relaxed purpose. Aural fields of flowers, all in one hue, the diversity rest within the myriad of details. With eighteen tracks and a few interludes for separation, the question is which melody is you? The continual crash of waves with seagulls squawking in the distance? Late night piano twinkling against doors open to a moon filled sky? An afternoon sidewalk cafe drinking espresso and listening to soothing samba melodies? A touch of jazz by the riverside, while boats and people

The Spookfish - Pumpkin Beats 2

A warm summer night, the fairgrounds are packed with a menagerie of curious souls. Noise and commotion arriving in waves, like the faintest breeze giving a quench of relief from crowded spaces. As with most of these traveling venues, a mystery house sits alone with some unseen aura pushing back those walking by. The entrance of course is an open mouth, a sinister looking toothy gargoyle. Adults glance over with stalwart stairs, knowing they are to old to be frightened. Children on the other hand scurry past, peripheral vision used as a shield from the terrifying unknown. The Spookfish takes the hand of the listener and leads them through the threshold. Warbled beats break through the waters surface. Like an ocean liners last fanfare before resting under a blanket of pressure. Life rafts float as the sea swells in all directions. Reminiscent of a broken pipe organ struggling to sustain a single note, wavering in some nauseous turbulent way. Pumpkin Beats 2 radiates sentiment all the whi