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smolnik & schlienz

Is all that we see or seem but a dream within a dream? Teresa Smolnik and Guenter Schlienz push thoughts to this question posed by Edgar Allan Poe over one hundred and seventy years ago. Music formed from ambient drifts. Sonic mass shaped like mountains reaching misty pinnacles of piano notes drifting away into the atmosphere. Stories softly sung and spoken, whispering thoughtful observations with a love filled emotion for the most obscure details. Birds chirping on communication lines, unaware of countless conversations of joy and sorrow beneath their talons. This composition simply titled Smolnik & Schlienz gently ignites the fractures of reality. The glowing details of small cracks and crevices reveal infinite worlds within minuscule dimensions. Inner beauty asking listeners to hear the dreams within and question who is listening to us.    Smolnik & Schlienz rests outside of genres and classifications. Two artists working together utilizing years of experience, cementing t