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Friday, April 3, 2015

Graceless - Mare

This is my second write for the underground Tennessee label Meliphonic Records. Unlike the first, Graceless is a bottomless sound journey into a pressure heavy world of drone. Matt Johnson and Joseph Allred are the components making up Graceless and Mare is the world they lead you through.

Mare is a lengthy exposure to somewhat haunting impressions clocking in at over eighty minutes. The beginning is simply played harmonium with an even more straightforward titled track "Harmonium i". The sound here prepares the listener for the journey by setting atmosphere. The descent begins with "Blossom Unfolds In Flame", over fifteen minutes of cliff falling blurred white noise. Slowing at times to hear the new reality before reaching bottom with "The Last Things". This track really depicts in sound the core of a magnetic planet, the source emitting the aurora for the atmosphere above. "Hungry Ghosts" continues the melt down to the point of becoming more defined. There is more clarity here and less hazed drone. This track breaks through the inner depths of sound to a new dimension, smaller and more precise. The second to last track "Pestilence" stands out like a peninsula on the sound graph. Here, music can be heard. Majestic guitar sustained in galactic void. An arrival of tangible existence in a long spool of imprinted magnetic signals. As the sounds on cassette fade away, one last treat competing the odyssey titled "Harmonium ii", sends us back to where the sound commenced.

This is release number nine on Meliphonic Records. I am pretty sure the label is run by Joseph Allred, but mystery surrounds him making everything even more alluring. Mare was set upon the cassette world in a batch of fifty. If you have not listened to anything on Meliphonic Records, this is an excellent starting point.

Meliphonic Records on bandcamp
Graceless - Mare on bandcamp