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Saturday, April 11, 2015

Patrick Piper - BYE

Have you ever read the Edgar Alan Poe story titled A Decent Into Maelstrom? As BYE begins, the wash of noise overwhelms the listener. This is similar to the old man in Poe's story describing his tale, he asks the listener: "and if you will creep round this crag, so as to get in its lee, and deaden the roar of the water, I will tell you a story that will convince you I ought to know something of the Moskoe-strom." As BYE reveals itself to the listener, i can not help but think of how the music fits with the grandeur of the whir pool and the survivor relaying his descent and escape to the listener. Both start with chaos and mystery only to subside and convey depth that will only be guessed upon.

Patrick Piper is about a half hour story in sound. The world within these spools is immensely telling of skilled craftsmen and their visions. What starts as an eruption of electric noise gives way to beautiful notes refracting sound and creating the warm glow similar to a setting sun. There is tranquility here, created by patience and knowledge. Drone with a touch of dry vermouth. Relaxed but slightly bothered by an alien world trying to get in. Initiating as a harrowing experience the sound unfolds with charm and a repartee, asking to be listened to again. With the next play, we can hear closer and let go even more.

This is #29 for the label A Giant Fern. The last couple of batches from A Giant Fern have really been outstanding. Each release stands on it's own. This makes A Giant Fern kind of difficult to pin down as a label with a specific notch. Everything being released is just different enough to keep a surprise factor alive for new releases. The guarantee of releases being good is slowly being earned.

Patrick Piper created something very special here. I think this cassette will race and disappear before the last one i posted from AGF will.

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