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Monday, June 1, 2015

bob bucko JR - Analog Masters Volume I

Amazing live recordings captured on tape. This one is divided into what looks like four sessions spanning over seventy minutes. bob bucko JR is extremely talented with musical composition. Evidence here with these live recordings, crafting a drone based world for a sustained guitar and vocal adventure. There are all aspects of moods with Analog Masters Volume 1. Strings banged to speaker damaging levels then changing to delicately picked moments of thought provoking notes.

The substance Analog Masters Volume 1 delivers the most of is emotion. This can be heard through out the cassette and is exemplified for me on the third live recording Mothership Music. bob bucko JR uses vocals on this session, culminating with an intensity heard in many of the south's delta blues artist.

Something else i noticed about these recordings were segments of similarity in style to The World Is Big, The Road Is Long. This was a cassette i did a write up on back in February of this year. It sounds like bob bucko JR took his current style on tour. Very different in delivery from recording studio to live. Comparing them makes you want to see bob bucko JR on tour. The World Is Big, The Road Is Long would be like one song in his vast base of musical offerings.

Drone, guitar, intense spirited vocals changing to devotional monastic chanting, then back to quietness. This is an excellent audio biography of a talented individual. Capturing his strengths in these brief moments of time, bob bucko JR knows "This world is not OUR home, WE are just passing through".

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