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Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Sunny Dunes - Emmastaete

Here is another cassette from my last order from Tomentosa. Sunny Dunes with a mind melting two track composition. Something like thirty six minutes of music. Titled Emmastaete, this tape delivers both tempo and depth.  I have placed words to a Sunny Dunes cassette before titled Whims of a Rainy Day How different these two tapes are!

Emmastaete takes all listeners far from this worldly realm. Pressing play on this is like walking through the door of some alien planetary transportation shuttle. The door closes and you begin moving at speeds our earth bullet trains only dream about. The ride is so smooth, as if you are not moving at all. Looking out, the gaseous atmosphere is thick in places then gives way to serenity. Even with such velocity and absolutely foreign scenery, you are comfortably relaxed, enjoying this heavy input on all of your senses.

Sunny Dunes has created a tonal pattern that bombards your mind. A beam of sound focused directly at you. Barely letting up as the tape flips, your consciousness starts to cook and is turned over once during the radiant blast of sound waves. Perfectly crafted, Mika knows how to deliver sonic energy. Never emanating more sound than the listener can absorb, but constantly keeping the amount at the brim.

This one is out on the really cool ((Cave)) Recordings label from San Francisco. This is not my first tape from the label, but it is the first time writing about one of their releases. Emmastaete is release number thirty two for ((Cave)) and is in the last spring batch. Most of their cassettes are sold out, but you can still get Sunny Dunes directly from ((Cave)). I went back and checked and this is sold out from where i purchased at Tomentosa.

((Cave)) Recordings site - soundcloud 
Sunny Dunes - bandcamp - soundcloud 
Cool Seconds Records