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Thursday, August 27, 2015

Telepathy News - A Long Ride in the Dark

Andrew Nerviano is a master of composition and delivers a beautiful album with his project titled Telepathy News. My first encounter with Andrew's talent was with Inverted Orange on a split cassette by Capri Records including Altar Image & Inverted Orange. Both artists on this split made such an impact on my ears, i wrote a description of what sounds i heard long before ever striking this blog site into motion.

Even though i am almost a year late writing about the cassette titled A Long Ride in the Dark, there are still tapes available at Patient Sounds where it was purchased. The label has really good prices on three and five tape bundles. Patient Sounds also has enough diversity to appeal to the tastes of many listeners. I purchased a couple more cassettes possibly becoming future posts as well.

Telepathy News is in the cassette player now, making its migrations from side to side. On this excellent achievement, Andrew has taken the lap steel to a new habitat.  Combining his delicate vocals and gliding strings with fellow artists playing mesmerizing beats, shrewd bass, and even saxophone on a couple of tracks. The range of sounds from track to track cascade upon your ears like water over rocky falls. At times the sounds seem so soothing, Andrew's voice is quiet, drawing you in to his world. The velocity of the music makes gains on a few tracks, changing the tempo and then falling back to the tropical island tones of the lap steel creates. The diversity from track to track stays on a solid path, but the variance of sounds within each song is the true treasure of Telepathy News. There is so much within this c30 cassette, I am excited how this will flourish with certain future listens. 

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