Quickly Sold Out

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Dead Man’s Lifestyle - From Below

The title of this cassette threw me off a little bit. I was expecting to be hit with a more ruckus and punk like barrage, being this an Already Dead Tapes and Records release. And the artist's name, Dead Man's Lifestyle would seem more reckless and on the edge. Instead, beautifully surprising and elegantly sublime, this cassette is a fire burned down to reddish-orange embers with enough creativeness to capture your complete attention.

Spanning in at about a half hour of reflective tracks, From Below rides the white line of quicksand sand and liberation. The tracks reverberate with ethereal hypnotic guitar. The entire tape sizzles and the edges seem frayed. Sparkling notes played over droning backgrounds. Sometimes there is a feeling of foreboding, but more often a climate of spiritual ascent. As the ominous sounds close in on your space, there is always a willow wisp to show you the way through.

The three tracks starting off the tape, Haint 1, 2 and 3 are really a magical journey. Grabbing the recesses of your mind while simultaneously creating a sonic world for your waking thoughts to hear. The second half of this tape lures your thoughts into the guitar solo of the specter. Beckoning you across with both lulling and fascinating strings always tinted with the unknown.

Out on Already Dead Tapes and Records from Chicago, From Below was created in a run of fifty. A superb composition that plays perfectly for so many occasions. This one is almost gone with three left from the label as i write this. Grab a copy while there are still some to get!

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Dead Man’s Lifestyle  - bandcamp - facebook