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Sunday, June 19, 2016


Another split cassette, this time on Kerchow! Records. Arklight and Sheep Bella Tine. In previous write ups, i described the tones of Sheep Bella Tine on their cassette What Doesn't Kill You Makes You Exotic. So new is Arklight and this is also the first Kerchow! Records release to roll into Lost In A Sea Of Sound. Two different approaches to woolly rock that takes me back to the early sounds of Velvet Underground on White Heat White Light.

The Arklight side consist of four tracks burning the core of the rock sound. The body of the music is well cooked, guitar, bass, drums and vocals stewed into a fuzz and emitting aromas of bands from the nineties. One comparison that immediately came to mind is the New Zealand band The Cakekitchen and specifically the album titled World of Sand. Both Arklight and The Cakekitchen seem to blend music and vocals, delivering them in a homogenized sound. The tones of both vocals and music seem to parallel each other making one sonic vault into your ears. Psychedelic rock that  goes back to the early K Records catalog of The Halo Benders and Beat Happening. I guess those are both Calvin Johnson bands, so there is another comparison to help connect the Arklight sound.

Sheep Bella Tine is on the other side of the world from Arklight but still in the same dimension. Dialed back on the fuzz, but still the similar four parts of guitar, bass, drums and some vocals. There are tones reminding me of the very first Sonic Youth album especially on two tracks, "The Tragic Farces" and "Of Katchina Dolls". Sheep Bella Tine exemplifies patience in style, allowing the songs to build in an almost drone like pattern. Not quite as slow as Codein's Frigid Stars album, but the tones of late eighties / early nineties music are again present on the flip side of this split. Sheep Bella Tine's side is more compact than their previous full length What Doesn't Kill You Makes You Exotic. Stands to reason since this is only one side, but this does make a more accessible listen to those who might be listening for the first time.

Kerchow! Records out of Chino Hills, California has this cassette in an edition of forty. They have a very big catalog dating back to 2013 with many releases still available on tape. This one is filled with great artwork and thoughts on the struggle of the world we live in.

Kerchow! Records - bandcamp - facebook
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