Thursday, October 27, 2016

Problems That Fix Themselves - The Mold Will Die

If you could some how amplify the sounds of microbial processes, this cassette by Problems That Fix Themselves would be a good example of how this world drones on. Listening to molecules move, sounding incredibly dense and layered. Chemical reactions sparking indescribable notes of interest. Similar to the quietness of a starry sky being intruded by matter burning through the outer layers of the atmosphere. There is something alien about this release titled The Mold Will Die. An ambient world where you can never find complete comfort.

The composition consist of basically four tracks over a period of about a half an hour. The world created is a bath of radiation. Gamma rays of sound bombarding the consciousness above and beyond the anesthetizing drone taking all the space in the background. In this state, the mind is open for conditioning. Much like an episode on the original Star Trek where Kirk ends up on the table looking at the swirling mind control disc above (Dagger of the Mind). There is a formidable tone that consistently creates dread for continuing, but everything sounds remarkably captivating. Listening through The Mold Will Die forces thought of myriad of detail in our present space.

Problems That Fix Themselves are Alex Borozan and Joshua Tabbia. This is the third time i have written about their work. The besides cassette is sold out, but the Which is Worse lp is still available.
This release on A Giant Fern is really concise on the sound spectrum, compared with the two previous releases. Take a moment and give this a listen. Very difficult to not check out every A Giant Fern release. Everything has been so special, and what Problems That Fix Themselves laid down, is an excellent example.

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