Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Sulcus - Stochastic Deployment vol2: Transistor Matadors

The radio dial turns.... An infinite spectrum of possibilities, music, talk, static and squelch or any combination of these sounds. The fuzzy hiss becomes clear and the prevailing media is as it should be, guitar, bass and drums. When does this exist? Who is playing the instruments? Why are there people saying things from the well of time? The answer is Sulcus and this is their release Transistor Matadors.

Traditional modern rock swirling in disintegrating airwaves. Lengthy contaminations of broadcast oddities stuck together. Separation only causes the original copy to become utterly damaged. With adroit talent of the Sulcus technicians, only the truly beautiful mutations are taken. These are then bestowed on to the listener's with the knowledge of the existence of this San Diego laboratory. The amassment of terrestrial sounds lurking invisibly on reels of fused magnetic tape is a true project of extraction. With heads down working and alternately playing this stoned out soundtrack, seriousness would eventually erode. This collective of consciousnesses does have the higher process of humor and this wanders though the hour long course. The tightly sounding session of music backing the entire tape drops away completely on the third to the last track "dead end hosts". These sounds fall in a helical motion until the operatives realize the controls were unmanned. The last ten minutes bid Sulcus farewell with contemplative driffty guitar, and one massive reprise for this work session. There are a few ghostly vocals floating on this transmission and this entity does appear on the last track as if to say goodbye in some garbled form.

Stochastic Deployment vol2: Transistor Matadors is available now! You can download this for free here. They have over twenty one hundred downloads of this hour long ride. As for the cassette, you will need to contact Sulcus and find out if there are any available.

To be complete, i did write about Sulcus at the beginning of this year. Here is the link if you want to check it out.

Sulcus - facebook