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Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Altars Altars - Small Hours

Altars Altars finds the most gorgeous melodies and works alchemy in sound over timeless borders. Warbled notes juxtaposed with some point in the history of modern life. Are you amazed at how music so simple can be absolutely delightful? The beginnings are always an unencumbered spirit channeling vintage antiquity. In this instance, Altars Altars has found a precious tiny moment and captured the aural essence on this release titled Small Hours.

Interesting is the synchronicity of the reality we reside in. Pointing out i described a previous release by Altars Altars titled Colour Loops II almost two years ago to this day. There were two releases in between, long sold out, and now Small Hours. A half an hour continuing the mastery of ambient haze lifting off magnetic tape and peacefully drifting into you consciousness. Four tracks on this cd, two long and two short. A mix between sparkling light dancing across the water surface and becoming mesmerized by a wonderfully droning moment in natural existence. All four tracks are very different but combine exceptionally well making Small Hours way to short in time of play. Fortunately this composition deserves repeated listens and the tone Altars Altars thrives in is always so gracious. The last track titled Balu will help with transitioning to the start again, an introspective moment touching on the vastness beyond Small Hours.

From Essen, Germany, Altars Altars has been a beacon of sublime ambient tones. This cd release is out on Home Normal, a  label centered from Tokyo, Japan and spiraling around the planet. Artist and label connected in harmonic balanced beauty. Small Hours cds are available and well worth having a physical copy.  

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