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Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Bird People - Down Of The Hamsa

This is my second exploration of Bird People in the later part of 2016. Cosmic Winnetou has a really nice four way split with Bird People as one of the artists. Eiderdown Records secured a lengthy forty five minute live recording at the Burrow in Vienna. All to themselves, the label gives them the highest level of treatment with beautifully two sided screen printed artwork on heavy card stock, clear cassette bodies, and a limited edition run of ninety.

Down Of The Hamsa is the title of this cassette. Sounds are heavy and sustained as bows vibrates strings in a seething symphony. Bird People creates a foreboding night ceremony with the opening track, "Flight Of The Hamsa". Trance music for souls looking into the ember laden fire. Small burning particles drift upward as the music breathes with the oxygen intake of the burn. Almost ceremonially the music lightens as dawn begins to paint the black sky. The morning is welcomed by meditative flute and horn with the second track, "On The Lake At Sunrise pt.1". Continuing to the emergence of the sitar and a homage to the day in more Indian classic music style. Bird People seems to deconstruct what they have assembled on the last track, "On The Lake At Sunrise pt.3". Thirteen plus minutes of sounds pulling their roots and floating among the concordance. Each instrument and musician powering them gently bumping one another until energy dissipates and the live performance comes to a stop.

Excellent all the way through. Drone sounds with so much depth and texture. Available from the Eiderdown Records bandcamp page. Some of the most electrifying sounds and artwork available on cassette today. This goes for every Eiderdown release.

Eiderdown Records site - bandcamp - facebook
Bird People - bandcamp - facebook