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Sunday, December 25, 2016

Kösmonaut - Songs for Healing

The massive engines are tuned on for this ground vibrating drone burner by Kösmonaut. Processional percussion amid a fanfare of horns. The towering wall of noise pushing all sounds to extreme points of distance. An alien entourage of music is then drummed forth among harmonic ambient might.

Songs for Healing tackles a half an hour divided among eight numbered tracks. Patrick R. Pärk who is Kösmonaut, is simply a huge weight of aural pressure. Rumbling thought, flattening the sound space, then wise enough to let all things grow again. The second side of this cassette only exists as counterpoint to the first. The time comes when all complex processes, either natural or man made, end. Rebuilding occurs and is done beautifully well. Mr. Pärk hovers between extremes, in a protected alcove as the wind sweeps the outside wastelands. The listener sitting along side has the opportunity to discover their own sound vista as their ears gather the emitted vibrations. Tones are somehow majestically sparse at times, crafted from the talented offering of Patrick's skill. This beauty marches away on the last track allowing the tape to reverse and Kösmonaut to enter again.

This Kösmonaut release is out on the label These Are Not Records. This release and the preceding cassette titled Master Generator are both dedicated to Patrick R. Pärk's daughter Sevigny Aislin Pärk.
She has a blog you can check out and see how much love is in the Park family. You can also find a write up of Master Generator on the label A Giant Fern here.

Order a copy from These Are Not Records out of Scarsdale, New York. There is also one copy left on the Kösmonaut bandcamp page. Either way this is a very good composition and These Are Not Records artwork and packaging is beautiful. 

These Are Not Records site
Kösmonaut - bandcamp - facebook