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Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Tingo Tongo Tapes - West Coast cum Sardinia - various artists

A compilation diving through atmospheric layers with a parabolic approach to the planets surface. This Tingo Tongo Tapes release never explodes or causes an impact crater. Extreme sounds are held in check with an experienced hand at the controls. This makes West Coast cum Sardinia a more than perfect launching point for experiencing Tingo Tongo and how this label is connected to surrounding electronic artists.

SWUMP THANGS, 13 Fires, WHEREAS, poopdood, Existence Habit, Captain Captain, Elegant Humanoid, Divine Brick, PRESENT and FAILINGS make up the artists on West Coast cum Sardinia. Lost in a Sea of Sound has described WHEREAS and PRESENT and all the rest are new to my ears.
Looking the artists and tracks over before listening created a daunting feeling of words that would be needed to describe such a fringe array of experimental en devours. Listening to the cassette was an unexpected surprise. This genre of music can push the listening spectrum to the thresholds of enjoyment, but theses tracks are so well chosen, like a finely selected garam masala to sprinkle on your listening earbuds. There were favorites the first time through, but these mutated and different tracks welled up. The compilation seems to split the middle with SWUMP THANGS, WHEREAS, poopdood, Divine Brick and PRESENT tackling more noisy fun ruckus and 13 Fires, Existence Habit, Captain Captain, Elegant Humanoid and FAILINGS more subdued in a crackling droning ambient presence.

This is a great cassette to fall in love with Tingo Tongo Tapes. Tracks are varied and the lengths are perfect. A showcase of some of the freshest new sounds out there. You can purchase a copy of this limited edition of one hundred through Mike Meanstreetz's bandcamp page.

Tingo Tongo Tapes - soundcloud - bandcamp - facebook - youtube
Mike Meanstreetz site - bandcamp - facebook