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Saturday, April 15, 2017

Macho Blush - Moodshow

Back in 2015, a Macho Blush cassette arrived in my post office box and i was a little apprehensive. What words can be used to describe these sounds? After repeated listening, the fog lifts or settles in, either way descriptive words seemed to migrate to the page. Now, almost two years later a new Macho Blush cassette arrived and the same feeling snagged me somewhere in my consciousness. Moodshow is the newest tape from Gina, and there is no containment of this radioactive sound leak.

After listening to Moodshow many times, not sure the number or when this thought even emerged, there was a thread or comparison that surfaced. If you could play the Residents album Mark of the Mole, live and skewed in some new dimensional direction, maybe... and that is a big maybe, there might be something to tie Moodshow down to. Realistically this composition does not even exist in our time space continuum. The voices and sounds resemble as much as nothing as you could even fathom approaching. Even though there are tracks on Moodshow, the composition plays more as a whole. Like a haunting drift of a room full of children's musical instruments orchestrated by well seasoned spirits. The audio landscapes swirls with a hypnotizing maelstrom. The texture and tone remains prevalent the entire time which helps struggling ears to discern the complexity and depth, or if these are even components at all. Possibly beyond current music comprehensive levels. The last track titled "Magic Thinking" has words stating "this key will unlock any door".  Wonder what that opens up to?

This Macho Blush tape was released on the heavy mess label based in Oakland, California. February of this year, not sure how many copies. The beauty of Macho Blush will remain hidden to most and is at the same time what makes it so fascinating for those who really try to hear.

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