Alex Crispin – Idle Worship

We are fortunate with the vast amount of music able to be heard. Imagine living in a rural setting two centuries ago, what would your options be? Local folk music or an arduous journey to the city for an opera or symphony. Currently the possibilities are so acute, sub genres of music embedded within genres. Properly selected music can dictate moods and feelings, can augment happiness or sorrow, can help meditate or cause anxiety. Listening therapy or hollering rage, sounds created fit like clothes we wear.

And being fortunate, inspiring works like Alex Crispin's Idle Worship are bestowed upon us. Discovering a brilliant ambient dimension while escorted by glowing ethereal companions. Nothing but peacefulness and contentment. Idle Worship bubbles notes from keyboard and strings so naturally, like the Selterswasser spring in the German Taunus mountains. Both possessing organic and unrefined aspects. This composition nears the hour mark floating on skilled creativity. Like releasing fireflies from an infinitely filled mason jar. Vivid energy dispersing into the density of the surrounding world. Only touching the surface for the fifth track "Canopy Dance", exhibiting rhythms around the fires ring. Alex captures long musing moments with nimble ease. A symphony for a clouds edge and it's every changing shape. A contemplative composition allowing the consciousness respite from the daily cognitive routines. 

Idle Worship was released on Sounds Of The Dawn in the spring of this year in an edition of one hundred. The label ringing the diving bell deep beneath the ambient ocean. The Sounds Of The Dawn site has a very cool blog highlighting meditative cassette wonders of the past. Also cassette releases of their own. Looks like five total with three still available including Idle Worship. Lunaria was an earlier release described on Lost In A Sea Of Sound less than a year ago.

Sounds Of The Dawn site - bandcamp - facebook
Alex Crispin site

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