Lunaria - All Is Dream

When creative forces converge and music is made, ensuing beauty or dread moves through the world of listeners. How these sounds grip individuals depends on a unstable array of timing, emotions, accessibility, etc. Lunaria has focused this sonic beam, cutting through would be factors and allowing an audience freedom from having to decide. All Is Dream is straight forward beauty. The only requirement would be the time to listen to it.

Daniel Guillen is the energy making Lunaria glow. Eight tracks, close to forty minutes in length, provide a vast aural framework for the consciousness to explore. All Is Dream has strong ties to the seventies new age surge of the past. If you have ever listened to Eno's 1978 release Music for Airports, All Is Dream would fit so well with the last track titled 2/2. There is such a fine line when creating these sounds then and now. How to achieve tones that are relevant and full of feelings without crossing into the world of spa or massage music. I guess it starts with Daniel and his ability to compose the sounds his mind creates for the purpose of just that. There is no glory or fortune in releasing cassettes, most people think you are way out there when you say tapes are still a viable medium. All Is Dream is more of a vintage photograph of sound, snapped from an artist at some unknown point in time. When people listen to Lunaria, their wonder will sparkle with thoughts augmented by the music. Cognition will radiate both inward and outward and moments of serenity will appear through the haze.

This cassette is out on the label Sounds of Dawn, from Michigan. A resource of excellent sounds both from the releases they have curated, their NTS Radio, and the sweet cassette blog exploring forgotten tapes of the past. The Lunaria release is vividly recorded on a clear cassette body, packaged in a clear cassette case wrapped in an colorful outer sleeve then protected by a polypropylene bag. Daniel's music was also mastered be Sean Conrad. Pretty much a muscle car of modern ambient music. Available from HERE. And while you are exploring Lunaria, take a moment and check out the Hybrid Palms cassette also on Sounds of Dawn. I purchased a copy from Tomentosa (out of stock there). Another outstanding release with physical copies still available.

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