Günter Schlienz - Book Of Dreams

Absorbed into the Elysian sounds of Günter Schlienz again. Where the margins of music, mind and consciousness begin to become indistinct. Lush forms of constitutional electronics creating massive aural landscapes. A en devour in sonic purity loosing any date of origin. Book of Dreams was created in the vast continuum of reincarnated existence. At some point recorded and now physically alive for new listeners to experience. Seamless ambient drift at the very highest level.

Lost in a Sea of Sound described Book of Dreams on the original vinyl release, almost two years ago. The vinyl was a Cosmic Winnetou edition and on a very limited run of one hundred, sellling out extremely fast. You can read the first write up here. The second edition on compact disc is equally as good if not even better. Two additional tracks have been added and the entire musical journey plays with ease and fluidity.

The compact disc edition was produced by Zoharum, an incredibly prolific label based in Poland. They are also the co-publishers of Hard Art magazine. Two hundred and fifty beautiful tri-panel vessels containing the art designs of Machinefabriek's Rutger Zuydervelt, sound mastering of Niko and of course the sonic creativity of Günter Schlienz. Re-released in the middle of this year, there are copies available but the number is getting low.

If you did not get the vinyl, the compact disc version is a must. Possibly a strong consideration even if you have the vinyl. That good!