Guenter Schlienz - Book of Dreams

Contemplative notes executed in tempo with natural surroundings. As the breeze gently moves small branches on the trees or a small bird forages for food on the forest floor, the music of Book of Dreams stays in perfect rhythm. Lushness in synthesizer tuned to our inner most harmonies. Fragrant melodies beckoning to be savored by enlightened consciousness. 

Guenter Schlienz's Book of Dreams plays sweet and serene. Shaping the listener's thoughts to realize and evaluate there is depth in every direction. This record helps us understand; By slowing down and listening, there is so much more to the world around us. This seems heavy, and at times Book of Dreams dives deeper than the ears can really hear. I think this correlates to how much feeling and thought Guenter Schlienz has embodied in this recording and how much skill he has accumulated over creating such a vast discography.

Every track on Book of Dreams plays like a well written chapter (that was an easy line to write!). The pace is steady throughout and the diversity is immense. Explorations in synthesizer bounded by weightlessness of deep meditation and a rapid assortment of unhinged thoughts. Within this spectrum, Guenter Schlienz's composition arrives with notes and melodies that will truly inspire the love of enjoying music.

This is nourishment for all who listen and should be shared with friends and family. The entire record will live in motions of flipping over and over on the turntable platter. This is in an edition of one hundred and was released in February of 2016. There were twenty five of the one hundred on red vinyl as well. Both colors sold out from Cosmic Winnetou label. Keep an eye on Tomentosa and maybe discogs at some point.


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