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Sunday, December 23, 2018

Slinky X - Darn.

Thinking of Buffalo and the freezing weather, where does the needed warmth come from? Maybe Slinky X are the sounds to get the blood moving. A four band member group with roots in punk and rock, skewed with a penchant for pop vocals. The title of this six track cassette is Darn. A summer release for this year, with well balanced components. Crisp harmonizing vocals, telling stories of the interplay of people and life. Guitar, bass and drums filled with energy and a generous pinch of rawness. Lines can be drawn back to compare many sounds from the past, but no need for this action. We are pretty much at the point where all music is a sprout from older growth. The concerns now are is the new growth healthy and is there love from it or for it? With four people playing tightly constructed music, counterpoised for all parts to shine, the answer for Slinky X is yes.

Available in cassette from the Drug Party label or Wiener Records. One of the band members from Slinky X also plays in Radiation Risks connecting to another post done this year for the Buffalo scene. Thanks for keeping Lost in a Sea of Sound connected.

Drug Party - bandcamp
Wiener Records site - facebook