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Monday, April 2, 2018

The Midnight Vein - s/t

Sparks are shed from the speakers when playing The Midnight Vein. Like a fire accepting the new found position of the perfectly cured split log. Hungry flames come from hidden recesses to consume their new food. This ignition cast flickering light across previously dark space. A hunched figure seemingly motionless is illuminated. Straining to see more clearly is not necessary, the sound reaches your ears first. Trying to avoid consciously deciphering what is being heard becomes a priority. Only to be slowly forgotten as the mesmerizing tones and abstruse lyrics being delivered paralyze any ability to vacate this place.

John Toohill has been fueling the music seen for years. The Midnight Vein is a solo project, touching on skills including all aspects of music creation. The melodies blur with energy produced from bio degrading matter. Maybe these were pop songs long ago, now without any identifying marks, it is hard to really know. John Toohill sings in an almost chant like intonation, at points resembling the rhythmic cadence of a ritualistic ceremony. The influence of rock, specifically sixties and early seventies can be heard on many tracks. But the twisted Roky Erickson dark lyrics are the real gem. The difference, Roky seemed to be very repetitive while John is more poetic. Very nice to have the words in print. "Don't wait for me again, don't pray for me again", enjoying this chorus rattling through my head.

You can pick up a cassette straight from The Midnight Vein bandcamp page. But best all all there is this option, which i am going to directly copy from John's words on bandcamp...

"I hand deliver the cassette to your house, bring a crate of my favorite records, and play you cool songs for an hour or three. You can invite other people if you want. You don't have to drink but i'm going to. You must supply proper stereo equipment. Exact date will be negotiated and booked via email upon ordering. Western NY only. 5 available."

Wish I lived closer :(

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