Endurance - Day Trips

The beautiful world that is present around us cycles into a blur. A bird's chirp, a single leaf floating in the air, light separated by shadow, all become overlooked or unnoticed. The most natural events producing small wonders should always return feelings of joy. Connections need to be re-established. Day Trips is the sonic leverage to help experience the true world once again. Pristine nourishment in aural from, encouraging perception of evolution's time weathered details. 
The earth breathes and Endurance transcribes this energy with patient sonic clarity. Day Trips holds three pieces totaling around the forty minute mark. Beginning with "Sleep Timer", serene ambience is juxtaposed with occasional flurry of insects wings, the gentle creak of time passing, and distant echoes of a faint woodpecker working for sustenance. The soft tones in the background fill the reservoirs of dreams to come. The second track, "Dream Prep" flutters in the currents of subliminal wanderings. The randomness of chimes in a breeze, slowly finding the rhythm time bestows. With the flip of the cassette, listeners are treated to one long track, carrying thoughts until the end. "Stretching Toward The Sea" is a like a long narrative sonic en-devour. From the haze of early morning, sounds of nature and civilization begin to wake. They flutter through thoughts, slowly pushing away the heavy blanket of air that hangs above the water. The sun rises in unassuming majesty, it's radiant energy illuminating infinite sparkles across the horizon. The final ado is a gentle lap of a wave and a birds call. Now we can appreciate how beautiful these simple details are.  

Endurance is an ongoing  project by Joshua Stefane. Lost in a Sea of Sound has described some of Joshua's compositions all the way back to City of Signals, close to when this site started. With all of the gorgeous labels Endurance has found home on, the latest connection with Distant Bloom is equally as special. This is a very limited edition of fifty cassettes and will most likely be sold out soon. This is one of the smallest runs of physical copies Distant Bloom has done since entering our ears a little while back.


Distant Bloom - bandcamp - facebook 
Endurance - bandcamp - facebook


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