Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Endurance - City of Signals

In Carlos Castaneda's book The Teachings of Don Juan, the "Human Aura" can be seen by anyone with some skill in the physic realm. Many repeated listens of City of Signals by Endurance, reminded me of Carlos' book, i read long ago. Joshua Stefane (Endurance), captures the unheard aspects of the physical world, the physic output of both man made and natural surroundings. Like The Teachings of Don Juan, Joshua's composition has resonance beyond our physical inputs.

City of Signals seems to oscillate from the reality we reside in, to the larger spectrum of the existence we are still neophytes at comprehending. An ambient crossing of what loosely can be described as a hazy unfocused line. Sounds within this composition float just above the the planets surface. Man made utilities creating an almost industrial tone. This is consistent throughout the ten tracks that make up City of Signals. There is more though, an ambient type of realization that makes this composition so beautiful. The harshness of the world we live in has been tempered with the process of delivering the scale of minuteness our world resides. Like a dream with infinite possibilities at any given moment, City of Signals conveys both time and space of an industrial landscape emitting energy into the vastness of the cosmos. The aural field is both infinitesimal and infinite simultaneously.

This cassette was originally released on Illuminated Paths in March of this year in an edition of twenty five. The copy used for this description is from the second release in June by Joshua in an edition of thirty. He has a few copies left on his bandcamp page, and they are also still available from Illuminated Paths. This is a very thoughtful body of work and will hold up very well for continued listening for years to come.

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