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Kyle Landstra - Unshared Properties, Vol. I-IV

Pellucid sound traveling through recorded mediums, absorbed by ears, melted in minds. Kyle Landstra has done this superbly before, now hiking up to the next plateau with the Sacred Phrases label. A box set of four cassettes titled Unshared Properties, Volume I-IV quickly sold out from the label. Not sure where they all went or if any distributers will have some for sale in the future....

Synthesizer exploration, the specifications are beyond my knowledge. I am only and end listener and perfectly content in this station. The music is crisp on the surface and immeasurably rooted with voltaic tendrils... Reaching from keys and controls far into the reassesses of Kyle Landstra's consciousness. The first cassette's sparkling brilliance and gait simmers down for a listen into the glowing orange red crevasses of the fire of the next tape. This composition II, is rich in hue, music leveling your senses. As these spools reverse the sounds dance as if being played on a futuristic hammer…

Whited Sepulchre Records - Gearing Up!

Ryan Hall has another new project! This is a new label called Whited Sepulchre Records. If you have ever read the immensely illuminating Tome To The Weather Machine, that is Ryan's site. Equally gratifying is Ryan's Heligator Records which helps support the Malindza Refugee Camp Library in Mpaka, Swaziland.

In order to get this new label going Ryan has secured two inaugural releases by Braeyden Jae and Ant'lrd. The new label needs help with funding the campaign through Gotta Groove Records. The records will be pressed on colored vinyl in small runs of 300 with all the fixings to house them. There is a exclusive split cassette in the works as well.

If you are interested in these artist and want what will be some very nice music (both in sound and in physical form) check out the campaign here at  Gotta Groove Records

 Here is a expert of the first two releases for Whited Sepulchre Records

Kate Wakefield - Water Lungs

Water Lungs is a stage set for beautiful dreams. Here, Kate Wakefield's absoluteness exist in the form of crystal visions of sound and voice. How the fascinating world sometimes transpires differently than what you would hope for. Her songs of love, hope and discontent sway on the turbulent ocean surface, captained by extreme musical talent and creativity.

This four song EP rest in the cosmos of classical composition with voice reaching choir like majesty. From a small disturbance in the glassy water, the swell of sound builds and carries the listener. Riding these emotions of Kate's savvy, we are never dumped to the rocky perils beneath the surface. Rather, gradually returned to the tranquil shoals of this glimmering work of clarity. All four tracks are different in approach but flow together sweetly as a whole.

If you are ready to hear a classically trained singer and musician sail solo on the open ocean, Kate Wakefield is the person to listen to. Her style is her own and he…

Macho Blush - Favorite Poems

Earth has been invaded. Humanity wiped out or in hiding. The occupying race has found instruments and recording devices. The first band forms. Here are their Favorite Poems. 

Macho Blush can severe your ties to reality. Patterns exist but rest in the fringes of music. Noises like a turning giant wheel, horribly out of true, sound being captured as both taught and broken spokes collide with the frame. Then, stars fall from the sky from meteor like keyboard runs on the track titled Midnight Poverty. This is odd foreshadowing in advance of the American Indian like tribal track titled Favorite Poems. As the cassette spins on, the sounds become more and more accessible. Maybe this is from the experienced gained by listening to the first few tracks. Like old punk songs in new commercials Macho Blush sounds more subdued as tape flips.

Subdued.... Maybe.... Check Your Point does exactly that and calls me out. If i listen closely, there are some Residents sounds in these layers. Be sure to ho…

Taxidermists - Honesty Box

Sounds coming from ghetto houses before they were torn down for multi story apartments. Taxidermists reminds me of late night house parties hosting the talk of the town as far as bands go. Guitar and drums played with skillfully timing, augmented by emotionally charged vocals. Salvadore McNamara & Cooper B Handy are Taxidermists and this is there album titled Honesty Box.

The real beauty of Honesty Box is how simple and unadulterated the music is. The music tip toes and crashes. The guitar is a solo swimmer in tuning school vacant of other stringed companions. Only the vocals and drums are there to give solace to it's wrenched sound. This works well because the vocals at times are as equally haunting in need of connection with like passion. Percussion follows this pair, adding the spine of the sound, slow and calculating, timing and punctuation, allowing the head to lift above others who have swam these waters. The style of Taxidermists is hard to pin down making this a really…


Just recently received this cassette in the mail from Northern Spy Records, simply titled #tcot. Not knowing who or what this is, i went to the label site to obtain more information. The release is there on the news carousel, but still as mysterious as the copy in my hands. Not much said about this one other than it will be arriving for cassette store day on October 17th.

So this tape went into the player with the feeling of being significant and on the vanguard thanks to Northern Spy Records. There is also crucial information on the inside tape cover revealing who #tcot is. Being inquisitive, i looked up the names and realized this music duo is much more renowned than imagined.

This all posed a problem for me. Northern Spy Does not have any digital samples available for preview. With the apparent effort from the label to keep this one a mystery, do i throw out the specs on this cassette? I don't think this is my position and with a label named Northern Spy from Brooklyn, pretty s…

Ant'lrd - Clouding Indefinitely

Almost could not write about this one fast enough. There are only five two cassettes left at Inner Islands and they will disappear soon. Really enjoyed the last Ant'lrd cassette release on Baro Records titled Sunnup. I have a copy purchased from Baro before those sold out. So this Inner Island tape titled Clouding Indefinitely is on the same track. Pretty much says how everyone is digging Ant'lrd in 2015.

Planetary evacuation soundtrack from 1950s science fiction books. Like a tornado siren issuing warning and playing farewell in the same sounding. Before and after drone for planets changing population density with mass exodus or extinction. Heavy weight in the sparse and sweet department. Clouding Indefinitely can reduce the moment allowing focus in the apparent. Showing sparkle in the void because it's very hard to see when the drone creates such a float tank feeling. The entire listen seems like the hum of energy from a population being so slowly turned down on a glacia…

OJC Recordings - Cassettes!

Finished up five posts for the most recent group of OJC Recordings. All of them out within the past few months. Everything is available at OJC's bandcamp page. All releases before this are sold out. If you are a fan of the cassette medium, this should mean something! Thank you for reading and listening.

Here are the links:

Rigel Magellan - Succulent Sounds Rigel Magellin / Guu Sex Shoppe Cruz Somers - Here Comes the Tarp aarum

Rigel Magellan - Succulent Sounds

Succulent Sounds for earth breaking robot zombie digits reaching skyward. Trying to pull metal carcasses up from the dumping grounds of exasperated models. They can not eat brains, only issue forth AI scrambling sounds. The is truly a robot apocalypses.

Rigel Magellan has really twisted these tunes. Like the brainwashing music heard throughout "Clockwork Orange", Succulent Sounds targets your programming with an non-explainable version of sound. Not waves, rather data imprinting. Solidly beat driven with penetrating note ballistics. Enough munitions to wipe out the robot future. Hide from this one or you will turn. This is just the A side.....

The B side is so drastically different. Your robotic brain has been altered. These sounds compliment the new reality. More tranquilized, downright robot zombified. Numbness in the processing center prevents me from explaining any details. Just there and nothing... Looking for more to bring into the bliss.

OJC has this one in a run of 2…

Rigel Magellin / Guu

This is a very contrasting split, but both Rigel Magellan and Guu have a common ground for thier sounds. Traveling to you from a microscopic universe, Rigel's side delivers a concise world of noise patterns and brilliance. Guu on the other hand is even smaller, a singularity at the center of the black hole.

So hold on to the fractals streaming forth from the Rigel Magellan side. These tunes could be soundtracks to insect worlds. Ritual and fanfare for something taking place unnoticed by human eyes. This will be all you have left when the tape flips and Guu sucks all the atoms from your brain. This world of noise is nothing that should ever be sought after. It will come to you, pulling from the reality you know. Don't let the trickery of the samples fool you. This singularity grows bigger with each person completing their listen to side B.

Out of all of the last five OJC recordings, this is the most alien and mysterious for me. With around forty five minutes from two artists, t…

Sex Shoppe

Sounds arcing from speakers with visible current, grounding in ears of listeners trying to escape. Sex Shoppe must be listened to while suspended by electric insulators. This is some beat noise, prohibiting your muscles from releasing the finger on the play button.

The second track "Culture Zone" is the longest and most unrelenting. Like an attack on your heart and brain simultaneously. Hasil Adkins driving the Flipper van trying to run you down. You will need "Chicken Soul" after the first side. This is also my favorite of the tape. Side B allows you to hear the inner workings of Sex Shoppe. These tracks really balance side A. Fuzzed out pop tunes are always relished after any wicked noise onslaught.

This is one of the three cassettes from the mid August batch of OJC Recordings. For one artist, these are very polar sounds. Sex Shoppe pretty much epitomizes the diversity of the OJC label, in just one C22 tape. Noises and whale song pulled from the reinforcing bars …

Cruz Somers - Here Comes the Tarp

Red eyes blinded by headlights and white lines. Cruz Somers has given freight hauling some modern shine. Late night fuzzed toned tracks, popping a twisted punk billy for extra early morning miles behind the wheel.

Get your jumbo large cup of black joe  ready for this one.... The pace is rapid from the start but trails off nicely on the way through. Like an echo, loud and clear for four tracks, bouncing rhythm back to ricochet in your brain. The last track is over eight minutes of exit ramp traveling. A little slower and more subdued from the marauding cruise this tape started on. Welcomed come down for redlining RPMs needed to sustain speed on this futuristic highway.

OJC Recordings has delivered another underground specialty. Where is this inventory of artists OJC is harvesting from? Here Comes the Tarp is in an edition of 30 and well worth the three dollars for these spinning magnetic reels. If you are looking for a cassette to keep you alive on the highway, this is a solid choice.



Throwing you back to the hazy early 80's, aarum delivers industrial beats and infinite possibilities. The music filling these spools is anything you wanted it to be, unclassified sounds poured on to a culture with a necessity for categorizing everything. Very similar to this second decade in the twenty first century.

Vocals solidify this numbered jaunt through the cassette. Sung in much more of a marching statement rather than sweet harmony. Images of skate boarders floating above the coping, then disappearing. Crowded black boot wearing listeners, heads down, absorbing new sounds, shirking traditional rock music, stepping off to unknown paths. These are the tunes that pull you away from society on the path to deviancy. 

Interesting for me is track number four titled simply "-". Throwing comparisons out there is something i shy away from, but this track.... Sounds like Flying Lizards off their 1979 album titled the same. aarum is channeling some pretty cool vibes!

This …