Tuesday, October 13, 2015


Throwing you back to the hazy early 80's, aarum delivers industrial beats and infinite possibilities. The music filling these spools is anything you wanted it to be, unclassified sounds poured on to a culture with a necessity for categorizing everything. Very similar to this second decade in the twenty first century.

Vocals solidify this numbered jaunt through the cassette. Sung in much more of a marching statement rather than sweet harmony. Images of skate boarders floating above the coping, then disappearing. Crowded black boot wearing listeners, heads down, absorbing new sounds, shirking traditional rock music, stepping off to unknown paths. These are the tunes that pull you away from society on the path to deviancy. 

Interesting for me is track number four titled simply "-". Throwing comparisons out there is something i shy away from, but this track.... Sounds like Flying Lizards off their 1979 album titled the same. aarum is channeling some pretty cool vibes!

This is in the group of releases from the second half of 2015 by the cooly down and underground label OJC Recordings from Los Angeles. So much diversity on this label.... aaurum is really worth a listen like all of the other releases. Limited quantities on everything, so do not wait if it grabs your ears.

OJC Recordings site - bandcamp - facebook