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Saturday, March 26, 2016

Graham Repulski - High On Mt. Misery

Graham Repulski's world of sound crosses sonic sparsity into the tangled debris of civilizations clamor. Catchy songs colliding genres into the singularity that is this prolific artist. High On Mt. Misery delivers well crafted tracks fueled on espresso filled evenings where talent and thought blur into the late hours. Graham has developed his own path and this cd leaves bread crumbs for us to follow and listen.

Check it out on bandcamp. In an edition of fifty and available for purchase.

Graham Repulski on bandcamp and facebook

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Cosmic Winnetou - Vinyl Batch

This is an introductory post for the German Label, Cosmic Winnetou, and the awesome new vinyl batch. This is a diverse collection of artists and sounds and each record is solid for many future listens. If you have not ordered a copy of any of these records, they are unfortunately sold out from the label. But fortunately, i think a shipment will be arriving at Tomentosa in the near future. You will need to keep an eye on emails from Josh or just go to his site. Not sure how many he will have in the inventory, but i am sure they will sell out. Most all of the Cosmic Winnetou releases are gone. These being the first from the label on vinyl and more incredibly, super sweet recordings, they will not last long.

I have put some words down for each lp and have the quick links here with sound samples.


When i ordered my copies of the new vinly batch from Cosmic Winnetou, Günter sent me six copies of this 7" for a series of events called "Singles Club". He indicated the organizers are heavy into the 7" format and they are releasing one for each event. This is the third in this series of four and this is Guenter Schlienz's contribution for the ongoing affair. Here is a link Günter sent for the event. 

This is an extremely beautiful recording resting in the world of the most simple sounds. Consisting of two well titled tracks, "Ship" and "Horn". Forays into sublime tones creating picturesque soundscapes for your mind. Listening out onto the ocean, dense with moisture and the winds absent at night. Your ears tell the story, eyes useless as the feelings settle in. Ambient excellence in the vein of Eno's late seventies early eighties series of four records.

I would like to give five of these copies away and keep one for myself! This is generosity and thoughtfulness straight from Cosmic Winnetou and it's curator Günter. Lost In A Sea of Sound is merely the conduit and facilitator. Both label and blog site want to say thank you for the support! 

With shipping being so expensive abroad, this time i am going to keep the 7" give away to readers living in the States. Please email me if you would like a copy. I will add to this post when all five are spoken for..... 4 left (3.18.2016)

Cosmic Winnetou site

E Jugend - History Works

Cascading water, wind whipping around drooping palms, E Jugend plays like this, with a dense flow of musical current. Touching all sound genres like kids playing duck duck goose. There is a classic playfulness to History Works and this surfaces immediately, remaining present the length of the recording.

The instruments seem to vary tremendously as the record plays though. Guitar, base, violin, drums, keyboards and even some sampling. Everything with delicate touches when needed and pushed tiny bits when wanted. These tracks play like snack time for the mind. Going in every direction, but not so far as not to be able to hear the source anymore. History Works binds itself to a core making the album an extraordinary composition of works.

If you need sounds to push the thresholds of conventional music but still want to hear melodies and good composition, E Jugend can drive the needle for you. This batch of Cosmic Winnetou releases with black jackets and glued on information remind me of old Folkways records. This E Jugend lp especially with the tremendous approach in diversity of music, even starts to sound like a lost Folkways record. Maybe one day someone will find one of these at a thrift store and be absolutely blown away!

There is an album i listened to all of the time and History Works reminded me a little of it. This is the Books "Lost and Safe". But as soon as i wrote this the music changed and i thought of Amps for Christ "The Oak in the Ashes". I do not know if these comparisons help, because E Jugend has crafted an album i might one day use a basis for comparing other works to. There is a beauty to the diversity, sparsity and timing of this record that will captivate me for years to come.

Out on the newest batch from Cosmic Winnetou out of Germany. One of three in the first of the labels venture to the vinyl format. Excellent timing to explore records on all three of these releases. They are all deserving. Released in a run of one hundred. Sold out from the label in only a few weeks. Josh hopefully will have some copies at Tomentosa. Keep a watch.

Cosmic Winnetou site

Trikorder 23 - BLUMSTER

Where did delta blues go? Trains to Chicago and guitars that could be powered up. BLUMSTER has hints of this forgotten style, but in product or by-product, these hints are more haunting echoes of the past. Maybe it is just the first few tracks with the slide on the fat strings or the feelings of sometimes melancholy that connects my thoughts to the blues when listening to this. Trikorder 23 is far from one genre and moves forward into modern composition utilizing strings of all flavors and varying tempos.

BLUMSTER is delivered with ultimate patience. A work of art in slide guitar style on the minor side. Somewhere between blues, jazz and avant-garde, Trikorder 23 is extremely skilled and the sounds touch on so many levels. One listen sounds smooth and sweet, but hearing the record again starts to reveal the complexity of the composition. There is so much consideration behind all of the tracks. This carries over making BLUMSTER exemplary for thinking and reflecting on the sphere we reside on. The realms of happiness and sorrow are simultaneously touched upon. With almost every track feelings and thoughts are pushed to tangle, but beauty remains a constant throughout.

I could throw out the comparison many eclectic guitar based artists are held around. Those times are gone. Trikorder 23 sets the markers down again. With this talent and creativity, this record is simply new and unbridled. Play in the tuning that sounds good to you, be it happy or sad, it is natural and arrives never contrived and always telling.

A Cosmic Winnetou release in February of 2016 on vinyl! Only one hundred of these to go around. Sold out from the label, but should be available at Tomentosa soon. Keep an eye out. This is a really nice release.


Cosmic Winnetou site

Guenter Schlienz - Book of Dreams

Contemplative notes executed in tempo with natural surroundings. As the breeze gently moves small branches on the trees or a small bird forages for food on the forest floor, the music of Book of Dreams stays in perfect rhythm. Lushness in synthesizer tuned to our inner most harmonies. Fragrant melodies beckoning to be savored by enlightened consciousness. 

Guenter Schlienz's Book of Dreams plays sweet and serene. Shaping the listener's thoughts to realize and evaluate there is depth in every direction. This record helps us understand; By slowing down and listening, there is so much more to the world around us. This seems heavy, and at times Book of Dreams dives deeper than the ears can really hear. I think this correlates to how much feeling and thought Guenter Schlienz has embodied in this recording and how much skill he has accumulated over creating such a vast discography.

Every track on Book of Dreams plays like a well written chapter (that was an easy line to write!). The pace is steady throughout and the diversity is immense. Explorations in synthesizer bounded by weightlessness of deep meditation and a rapid assortment of unhinged thoughts. Within this spectrum, Guenter Schlienz's composition arrives with notes and melodies that will truly inspire the love of enjoying music.

This is nourishment for all who listen and should be shared with friends and family. The entire record will live in motions of flipping over and over on the turntable platter. This is in an edition of one hundred and was released in February of 2016. There were twenty five of the one hundred on red vinyl as well. Both colors sold out from Cosmic Winnetou label. Keep an eye on Tomentosa and maybe discogs at some point.


Cosmic Winnetou site

Saturday, March 12, 2016

Channelers - Essex

These sounds have limited or almost no attachment to earthly constraints. Made in tones defying gravity or just so light their molecules only gently move upward. Channelers hovers in patterns, almost motionless, heat radiating from the core, causing small fluctuations to stand out. This cassette titled Essex is the second on the Inner Islands label, the other, only a year old and sold out in physical form.

Six tracks timing in at almost forty minutes, Essex has the content to float your consciousness far from the body. Soothing synthetic currents move deep in the river's flow of sound, while sparkling notes swirl and turn like eddies on the aural surface. The background of tranquilizing undertones take hold of your body inducing parallelization. The willow wisps of sound in the foreground pull your interested mind along. This duality in approach to composition causes the recline of your physical self and triggers thoughts and introspection. This is some good stuff!

Yes, this is a perfect Inner Islands release. There are one hundred of these produced. They will sell out, so there is the same question again. With so much good music out there, the sampling we do has to resonate at higher vibrations. Hopefully reading words in the form of descriptions will help, but i find taking a second listen at a different time, is the biggest ally in discovering music that works for me. If you listen to Essex at the right time, it will find a home.

Inner Islands site - bandcamp - facebook

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

softest - six wishes

Some music is grandiosely beautiful like Henry Purcell's "Music for the Funeral of Queen Mary" and other music is simply beautiful like this cassette by softest titled "six wishes". I have listened to the entire tape multiple times through, and am continually encouraged by how humble and thoughtful these tracks are. Ambient, drone or what ever you want to classify it as, six wishes moves splendidly through and imparts tones of veiled beauty.

Braden McKenna, the musician behind softest, has dialed down his other projects fuzzed out sounds of fusing consciousness and environment. His activity as "softest" tunes into an ethereal world of wishes. These tracks coincide with synthetic breezes and gentle beats of rain in the early morning. The tones connect through the cerebral, urging the mind through and out of the body. Drone like synthesizer patterns overlaid with sublime notes. Never overdone or asking for too much attention. Rather appealingly distant and moving in your direction. Capturing thoughts and and then drifting away. Like clouds parting way for the suns rays, momentarily the heat reaches you then is silenced again by the changing sky. Some wishes make the wind blow or the rain fall and other wishes make the night come. They are all well stated.

six wishes feels epic in the natural sense. Makes even more reason for this to be on the Inner Islands label's newest batch. If you like this, order a copy. There are one hundred of them and they will sell out. Both the label and the artist have been releasing music listeners seek and they have done a statuesque job together on this release.

Inner Islands site - bandcamp - facebook
Braden McKenna - facebook

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Deceit - Passing of the Slough

In a world where sound has no limits or constraints, one note played goes on and on, creating a solemn field of noise. A guitar is struck and reverberates through an amplifier. This wall of sound engulfs the environment around it and travels forth. Like sharks in the sea these mighty surges of feedback gobble up the peacefulness surrounding their existence.

Deceit has taken this desolate domain of ambient noise in a decaying world of drone, then battered it's constitution with god like toll. Passing of the Slough breathes feedback and static melodies. Creating a horror show of sound, both in how tightly wound these tracks are, exploding from almost serene moments and also in track names like "Blood Chamber" and "Prison of Flesh".

Far from spaced out music for pondering how the suns rays sparkle on the Earth's surface. Deceit has forged music from molecules so pressured together, they swallow up your thoughts and mire you in the slough. There is no escape, just remember to breath slowly and you will not sink as fast.

This is the first release from Spear Gored Records. Listen to Deceit and fill with wrath like Phlegyas. Pass through this Slough then listen again. Resentfulness returned to can be comforting, because the elements used for anguish were contrived for only you. 

Spear Gored Records site - bandcamp

Monday, March 7, 2016

Solid Waste - Long Slow Dream

Approaching music using vast periods of time produce unique sounds and almost lucid environments. Solid Waste has achieved this with the newest release on Dismal Niche Tapes titled Long Slow Dream. The sounds within this tape crackle with ambient splendor and pay homage to the electronic pulse of decades ago. The tracks turn like an old photo album relaying joyous times we wish the present will one day be.

Solid Waste is a "New Age" synth act out of St. Louis, Missouri who have tapped into the cosmic vibrations. This EP was recorded live and really depicts the timelessness of sonic harmony. This three person group has channeled the energies of the past years and fused the field of flow from time beyond. The fact this is a live recording makes this so much more relevant. The moment existed and was recorded, I am listening now and writing, you are reading.... 

The music on Long Slow Dream is relaxing and nostalgic. Resting in the world of light rather than darkness. There are no brooding moments within this twenty five minute cassette. The vintage undertones of Solid Waste add the depth, making this a really special listen. Maybe they have happened upon some crumbling crate of "New Age" reel to reels, creating the name and the telling of the dream.

This is just out in late February from Dismal Niche Tapes. Available now from the bandcamp page. There are some really good tapes still available from Dismal Niche, so take a moment and give the available catalog a listen. When i first listened to Solid Waste, they reminded me of Pine Smoke Lodge. The tones are not the same, but the feelings are similar for me. That comparison might help a little in how nice this tape is.

Dismal Niche site - facebook - bandcamp

Saturday, March 5, 2016

Trium Circulorum - Silent Surveillance

Tucked away in some unreachable place and sounding forth from some unknown time, Silent Surveillance begins drumming it's way into my ears. The sounds are dark and dense, promoting the mix between tribal rhythms and the sparkling storm emitted from a girder being welded into place high above. The floor vibrates, the sound world crumbles as Silent Surveillance falls out of hyperspace into planetary pulsation.

Trium Circulorum slings obtuse sound angles at my consciousness. The three tracks on this forty minute plus cassette take the look of an x, y and z axis. From jungle ceremonies played in front of a mysterious underground opening, quaking bass riffs causing industrial upheaval and finally the pressure of the heavy molecular atmosphere void of any musical rhythm. The three directions Silent Surveillance takes are all moderately dark in tone and beautiful crafted. The second side, the twenty minute track titled "Intercepted Data", takes the listener to the farthest reaches of composition. Hanging by threads above a world of musical spender and sheer noise. Both swirling below your toes and ready to envelope your mind. This balances well with the first two tracks on the initial side and completes a truly three dimensional sound experience.

This is release number four from Still Heat Recordings. Out in late January in an edition of fifty. All of the Still Heat releases to this point linger in the world of saturated sounds. Music that pushes the thresholds of any listening device and simultaneously the minds of the listeners themselves. The newest release by Trium Circulorum exemplifies the labels ability to reach into the alternate dimensions and bring through what we only hear in our dreams.

Still Heat Recordings - bandcamp - soundcloud - twitter