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Rhucle - Handmade Ocean

Sounds made by Earth. Infinite in their diversity and length of time they have existed. Water is an element seemingly making the most noise from the smallest amount. Unlike wind, fire and earth, the liquid traversing all mediums is also the most outspoken. Rhucle has focused the sonic microphone on a minute amount, an infinitesimal stir or splash in the vast expanse of distance and depth.

In Handmade Ocean, sustained tones become elongated., sparkling with decibel for a brief moment then disappearing. Like a hand waving through the ocean filled with fluorescent algae. Nothing, then a bright path dissolving to nothing again. Rhucle disentangles these tiny fractions of sound and makes them beautiful. Synthesizer loops unified with the cycle of water, calm and tranquil, with notes beckoning for the mind to wander and wonder.

A little over forty minutes, this composition remains brilliantly consistent. Your mind remains saturated with a world created by Rhucle. Making moments merge, time …

North Atlantic Drift - Departures, Volume 1

The vastness of the oceans remains unfathomable in the human mind. Distances, depths and density factoring through time. The exploration of man has been both contained and conquered by this space. North Atlantic Drift journeys through this ambient deep. Departures, Volume 1, carves a path into the swirling serenity like an ice breaker through a sea of flat white. The broken trail and ripples of motion are the only sign anything has been there. This trail disappears as forces sallow it again. Releasing the beauty of moments in time is the essence of the duo behind North Atlantic Drift. The experience slowly evaporates leaving the routine of life in the foreground again.

Mike Abercrombie & Brad Deschamps are North Atlantic Drift. Departures, Volume 1 explores the boundless world of sound, gently turning the perfect stone and picking the most beautiful foliage. From the extensive amount of artists and releases before Departures and in front of all that will come, this aural landscap…

Tanuki Records Taking Heed

This is dive into the Belgium label Tanuki Records. Out of Brussels to be exact, Tanuki has been around since 2007. The majority of the releases arriving in the last five years. The sounds tangle with an unabridged focus in the consciousnesses of their creators. Any stone might be turned producing nothing and everything in a sparkling muster.

Here are the links to all of the posts:
Plochingen - 266 minuscules récepteurs paraboliques Patrick Thinsy - Coda Generates - The Pale Ones (book) Simon Wickham​-​Smith - A Hidden Life and other works  Loren Connors & Suzanne Langille - Strong & Foolish Heart / Blue Ghost Blues Senz Beats - Ode to the Ghosted Yannick Dauby - Magicien Rouch
Tanuki Records - bandcamp - facebook

Yannick Dauby - Magicien Rouch

Lurking just outside my window is a small vortex appearing when the wind and sun momentarily embrace. Lasting for seconds or even fragments of an hour, the shimmering empty space always makes itself heard. Gathering wit and fueled by curiosity, venturing forth to inspect the anomaly at a closer distance. The sounds are strange and familiar, rhythmic and erratic, ancient and new. Pushing ears closer until they are through, Magicien Rouch becomes clear as the body becomes immobile with two parts in different dimensions.

Imagine a field of solar mirrors, all angling back to one focal point. Yannick Dauby seems to have accomplished this with sound collectors. Somehow capturing decaying shortwave radio signals broadcast from long ago. Other input sources are strategically aimed into the temporal field like lazers cutting through time as we understand it. All aural emissions from past, present and future reflecting into the consciousness of Yannick. Processing these sounds for other minds t…

Senz Beats - Ode to the Ghosted

Senz Beats with an hour plus of seamless grooves. Ode to the Ghosted plays like a collage of nostalgia mixed with advanced rhythm tech. Tracks contorted around each other, sounds like mirrors with images stacked in dense beats. The static and crackle of the stylus riding in the groove adds to the vintage make up. Clips of spoken dialogue help bond transitions from piece to piece. Spanning decades, Ode to the Ghosted brings everything together, fused for the perfect ride.

Based in Montreal, Senz Beats started DJing in 1999 and making beats in 2004. This cassette on Tanuki Records is one of the few physical releases i could find. There is more to hear and download on the Senz Beats bandcamp page. The place to really explore is the Senz Beats site. A great number of videos with DJ Senz working with a multitude of artists.

This cassette was released on Tanuki Records in October of last year. Sold out from Tanuki's bandcamp page, you can possible find a copy on discogs. Currently there…

Loren Connors & Suzanne Langille - Strong & Foolish Heart / Blue Ghost Blues

Live recording from the Counterflows Festival in Glasgow for 2013. Two tracks on seven inch vinyl. The prodigious Loren Connors playing guitar with friend and partner Suzanne Langille singing. Warbling electric guitar that cascades in sheets of spiraling tones. Suzanne's voice some how channeling Odetta and Ann Magnusun in a simultaneous spiritual push. The recorded version vibrates with dismaying majesty. To see and experience this live must have been something else. The first track, Strong and Foolish Heart was written by Suzanne, touching on the gravity of predicaments in a soul-stirring delivery. Blue Ghost Blues is a Lonnie Johnson song that Loren and Suzanne pay an altered homage to. Together, this little seven inch is a hefty listen. Dense sounds with a haze of emotions.

Released last year on Tanuki Records in an edition of two hundred and fifty. Copies are available from the label's bandcamp page. They are beautifully packaged with images by Loren and layout by Marjoto…

Simon Wickham​-​Smith - A Hidden Life and other works

A Hidden Life beautifully captures the entire aural spectrum conveying a story line engrossed in spirituality that gently floats above a humming electric current. Simon Wickham​-​Smith has connected a narration by Robert Ashley and Laetitia Sonami, song by Joan Stango, music by Simon himself, all taking on the text of a translated book on Gyasto and synopsis created by Melody Summer Carnahan. This is life stories of the sixth Dalai Lama, Tshangyang Gyasto. Sound magnificently complicated? Yes and equally splendid in presentation.

Synchronicity is something happening all of the time within our lives. Only takes a moment to notice and a many lifetimes to understand. For months i have been driving around listening to to the Radio Classics station on satellite radio. During this time was reading a book titled Cosmic Journeys by Rosalind A. McKnight. Then received this tape from Tanuki Records. Started listening and remained motionless, listening to the elongated words from Robert Ashley w…

Patrick Thinsy - Coda Generates - The Pale Ones (book)

This is the first book for Lost in a Sea of Sound. Coda Generates - The Pale Ones created by Patrick Thinsy, the label curator for Tanuki Records.

These pictures show how light and life interact. Any moment in everyday frozen in grey scale. The mind absorbs these images and ponders their existence.

Available at Tanuki Records bandcamp page in an edition of thirty. These images were published on the blog codagenerates also curated by Patrick Thinsy.

Plochingen - 266 minuscules récepteurs paraboliques

Bending tones around walls of stone and craggy corners. Over there, out of site, something is happening. The sounds permeate every direction. The question of what creates this sonic puzzle is hanging in your thoughts. There is no need to explore, sight will only confuse the process. This aural landscape breathes as you remain motionless. Not ambient nor drone, more like speech from unseeable entities. The dialogue weighs like a tranquilizer as the mysterious content burrows in your thoughts.

Plochingen has composed a slow cooked mass of pulsating rumbling sounds. Titled 266 minuscules récepteurs paraboliques, this world rest just barley tethered to reality. Sometimes waiting on hold for an overseas call to go through twenty years ago. Then witnessing a terrestrial event transpire fascination and fear. Pulled from complacency to the vastness waiting just beyond. Organic and mechanical mixed like coffee and driving, jacking your thoughts in a protective climate controlled bubble. 266 mi…

Macho Blush - Moodshow

Back in 2015, a Macho Blush cassette arrived in my post office box and i was a little apprehensive. What words can be used to describe these sounds? After repeated listening, the fog lifts or settles in, either way descriptive words seemed to migrate to the page. Now, almost two years later a new Macho Blush cassette arrived and the same feeling snagged me somewhere in my consciousness. Moodshow is the newest tape from Gina, and there is no containment of this radioactive sound leak.

After listening to Moodshow many times, not sure the number or when this thought even emerged, there was a thread or comparison that surfaced. If you could play the Residents album Mark of the Mole, live and skewed in some new dimensional direction, maybe... and that is a big maybe, there might be something to tie Moodshow down to. Realistically this composition does not even exist in our time space continuum. The voices and sounds resemble as much as nothing as you could even fathom approaching. Even tho…

German Army - Pyura Chilensis

When civilization as we know it eventually transforms, the industrial expanse will begin to deteriorate. Buildings and warehouses becoming overgrown with vegetation as the shells begin to crumble. The remaining human population will find shelter. Rituals will begin to form again. The tribal sounds of drums echoing from abandoned factories will be heard miles from their origin. Wanderers begin to amass, living among the burned out facade of a once advanced civilization. All will take part with unwavering efforts as ghosts of the past haunt with harmonious havoc.

Pyura Chilensis is a nostalgic foray uncovering the industrial musical world of the past. The use of spoken word across the percussive continuum, dodging static interference, sounds like a lost SPK recording. This quality can be heard from the start, with the first track titled "Belief System" then branching into decades of mutation. For German Army, this composition is wonderfully restrained, allowing the aural worl…