Friday, April 21, 2017

Simon Wickham​-​Smith - A Hidden Life and other works

A Hidden Life beautifully captures the entire aural spectrum conveying a story line engrossed in spirituality that gently floats above a humming electric current. Simon Wickham​-​Smith has connected a narration by Robert Ashley and Laetitia Sonami, song by Joan Stango, music by Simon himself, all taking on the text of a translated book on Gyasto and synopsis created by Melody Summer Carnahan. This is life stories of the sixth Dalai Lama, Tshangyang Gyasto. Sound magnificently complicated? Yes and equally splendid in presentation.

Synchronicity is something happening all of the time within our lives. Only takes a moment to notice and a many lifetimes to understand. For months i have been driving around listening to to the Radio Classics station on satellite radio. During this time was reading a book titled Cosmic Journeys by Rosalind A. McKnight. Then received this tape from Tanuki Records. Started listening and remained motionless, listening to the elongated words from Robert Ashley wash through my consciousness. The droning background created by Simon, an incredible canvass for theses life experiences to unfold. Having a current fascination with radio stories, reading about spirituality and a love for almost all drone music, A Hidden Life made all the connections light up for me. All that is just side A...

The second side, other works, is Simon Wickham​-​Smith on his own. Four long ambient brain fryers causing thoughts to vacate and emotions to swell. Using a drone base, this hazy world is infiltrated by natural obscurities. An inviting pool darting with activity from species yet to be determined as friendly or not. The pleasantness moves to the far reaches allowing for emptiness and then trepidation settling in. Lengthy and a sumptuous counter weight to A Hidden Life side.

Originally released on Tanuki Records in 2015. The tapes have sold out, but a cdr version of just side A was released in May of last year. You can also find the cassette on discogs, there are a few available now. Tanuki Records is out of Belgium and has been unearthing unheard gems. Many releases sold out like this tape. Don't wait if you like something.

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