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Greenhouse - Lapse

As Earth approaches aphelion close to one month from now, the distance to the radiant energy source will be at it's farthest. About one hundred years ago, a Serbian named Milutin Milankovitch developed a mathematical theory about the Earth's cyclic movement around the sun. These are called the three Milankovitch Cycles; Eccentricity, Axial Tilt and Precession. Now Greenhouse has composed the glacial ice covered drone that can only be the symphony to Milankovitch's discovery of these slow changes in our planets motion.

Lapse is just under a half hour of organic energy balanced drone. The sounds change in minute amounts creating the sustained soundtrack for space time events. This harmony finds open pathways into the depths of our consciousness, the minds infinite space. Tones on the precipice of the infinite expanse in both internal and external directions. Greenhouse has the wisdom, patience and creativity to bring forth the exact amount. The drone dosage of all the time l…

Former Selves - The Heart Wants

Former Selves binds ambient stature to the emotional flux of those who listen. Sounds similar to a surgeon's scalpel, making precise and effortless cuts into consciousnesses in need of fortitude and healing. A spiritual swing from celestial threads allowing a universe of energy guidelines for cognitive digestions. Thoughts expand like clouds growing in the heated afternoon evaporation of the atmosphere. Look up from the swing, head tilted back, the slight dizziness only tempered by the beauty above. Feelings swell as the body and mind digest, each planting a foot down to stabilize the soul.

Yes, The Heart Wants is a lengthy composition, a companion for the tiny particles we are in relation to the universe around us. Somehow Former Selves emits a lush drone, adding girth to our paltry understanding and extinguishing the candle of apprehension. These ambient drifts lift heads above the valleys, aural vistas awaiting those who take time to listen. Always maintaining a flow of current…

BE; - At The Start

California is on the edge again with sonic ruffians churning the cauldron. This time BE; from Oakland with dial twists, secret feedback pathways, mind rattling percussion, then iced with vocals channeled from other dimensions. An amalgam of sound filling ear canals with dense mercuric noise. Damaging indeed, listen with the decibel governor on, for your own safety.

At The Start is twelve tracks tumbling into the recesses of industrial ornateness. There is no path, only the moment. BE; delivers this instance with emotion backed by skilled partakers. Recorded for others to hear then destroyed because no one should listen unless they were there. One tape escaped and made it to Lost In A Sea Of Sound. I write about the tangled sounds, the fervor of some lost point in time. BE; is searching for this wayward cassette, because it proves they do exist. A recorded glimpse of either a floating dream or nightmare. Cultivated sonic mayhem, transgressions in sound for only the stalwart few. 

Send T…

Stars Are Insane - To Be Here

Stars Are Insane touches on the subtle beauty that can easily elude listeners the first time through. With all music, the best sounds are heard when the thoughts of the one who is listening are grabbed by the artists making the music. This could be a violent shake your mind punk storm, a slow and melodic industrial melt away or in the case of To Be Here, a trip into the gorgeous surrounding land. Imagine a Sunday morning drive when traffic is minimum and the sparsity of commotion allows the so often glazed over details to be noticed. This is how To Be Here comes across, when the world settles in, music fills the places we usually hurry by.

With that being said, this is the first time i have listen to Stars Are Insane. Unfortunate because there are eight full length albums before this. To Be Here is a great place to start. A one person project holding the skill and experience to compose sounds in the elusive disposition of fragile elegance. Ten tracks combining lo-fi pop acuity with th…

Katrina Stonehart and The Spookfish

Submersed in the depths of the ocean, the underwater crust breathes out the energy from the mantle. The turbulence controlled by the dense pressure at the ocean floor. Enormous amounts of heat droning out to the even greater volume of water. This is similar to the delicate balance between Katrina Stonehart and The Spookfish. One rhythm or series of sounds exploring the medium of the other. There seems to be no definitive point, only a listener in complete submersion in the world of two artists.

This cassette drones and mutates for just under forty five minutes. Drew Gibson is the creative force of Katrina Stonehart. Dan Goldberg is The Spookfish. This is a composition maintaining a magical consistency over both sides. Playing like one long piece divided by the flip of the cassette. The thick ambient swell of sound carries a bubbling organic component. An electronic field hums and echoes out, like muffled speech transmitted across giant parsecs of space. The listening headroom remains …

naps - bask

Resonating ambient synthesizer chimes slowly clattering in the light breeze. The heat and humidity are the thick viscous medium these sound waves emerge from. As if they are climbing some hidden stairway to fall into your consciousness. Bask lives in a duality of drone and dripping sonic condensation. Music dancing in playful splatter as it arcs across the hollow floor.

Jason Calhoun is the mind behind naps. This new cassette on Lily Tapes & Discs is the second for this project, with the first being released in 2015 on the label. Bask takes multiple pathways away from it's core. Radiating the listener with ludic resonance that gives way to reflective ambience. Jason uses patience allowing the composition to have buoyancy, at times so delicately light the notes seems to levitate and move upward.

Bask is beautifully assembled with artwork by Shaun Hall. The curved corners on the j-card reminiscent of a Stunned cassette release. As mentioned before, this is on  Lily Tapes & D…

Distant Reader - Home Power

Emmerich Anklam is Distant Reader and this is his very personal composition titled Home Power. Seven tracks hiding in the shadows of time and the aplomb of the mind. Pulling apart the guitar playing from the lyrics elicits wonder of the delicate balance they exist in. The words are emotionally fired while the strings vibrate with dreamlike rumbles. Almost ghostly in the shimmering timbre, reminiscent of a lost John Jacob Niles album warped in passing decades. Emmerich's talent is unprocessed and extremely genuine. The minimal effects scattered throughout are only tinsel on the foundation.

From reading the description of these recordings, they were originally crafted back as early as 2008 when Emmerich was twenty one. Distant Reader looked into the past and brought these melodies and words to the surface of 2015. Part of life from a different person in the same space. How we change and wish the confidence coming with age could be handed back through the aging process. Amazingly thi…

Free - Celaeno

Guitar warped over the vast distances outside the pull of Earth's gravitational force. From Celaeno, one of the smallest stars of the Seven Sisters cluster, these tones make the journey. A focused trajectory across a lonely expanse, emitting foreign warmth across the infinite expanse. Meditative in nature, Free composes a lengthy systematic record of the space time currents between solar systems. A beautiful mutation of strings, acting as a companion to consciousnesses. Thoughts rest in the medium and are accessible like minds waking from a hibernation state. 

When first listing to Celaeno, thinking this was created from a Fender Stratocaster seemed unrealistic. Instead a Theremin came to mind, with a long bearded guru performing Bushido movements in hypnotizing patterns. This cassette is massive both in length and sustained mesmeric timbre. Free has expertise in channeling sounds from the unknown dimension. An aptitude in hearing beauty and transforming this for others to enjoy. A…

Julia Bloop - Roland Throop

The other side of the street.... Looking over and listening with ears tuned to as much as i can hear. Muddy beats from buildings beaten and weathered in times passage. Crossing the street changes what is heard. Stay put listen and closely, the sounds perfectly deflect and disintegrate from this vantage point. Any closer and a new reality sets in, farther and all is lost in surrounding commotion. Julia Bloop records from a consciousness frayed with wisdom. A place where the ingredients measure out without ever measuring.

Roland Throop is the title of this new cassette on Crash Symbols. Clocking in just under forty five minutes, this composition swirls with samples and loops. Like a mile wide tornado with wind speeds of ten knots. Consuming the landscape at a modest leisurely pace. The process encapsulates your thoughts by allowing you to discern all of the sound details. Many of these are delivered with a faint but substantial groove. A beautiful urban haze seeps through, consisting of…

Mark E. Deutsch - Thingy

Excellent lyrics combining with well constructed music produces a cassette that can be played over and over. This is the case for Mark E. Deutsch's release titled Thingy. Eight perfectly cooked singer/songwriter songs with words and melodies your mind will turn and hum. On this composition Mark plays with Chris Stevens on bass and Elias Reitz for percussion & vocals. Together these three musicians make the Moot Trio. 

The first track tacks the map on the wall for Thingy. "In The Desert" lets the listener know the words are there, just need some climatic event, calamity or clearing of thought to make sense of the jumbled fragments. Mark sings, "Plenty of words strewn around me in the desert / like piles of dry wood waiting for the lightning storm". The storm came and from the erosion emerged, "You Are a Rock, pt. 7", the second track on side A. This track fantastically highlights the Moot Trio, similar to a Bossa Nova jazz band for this song, supe…

Al Lover - Interference Patterns

A wave from the ambient sea has been traveling in your direction. A tsunami of sonic proportions. Filled with all things making listening to music worthwhile. Al Lover rumbles like a San Fransisco quake, creating a global disturbance. Interference Patterns contains beautifully tortured rhythms, overloaded electric capacitors in need of recapping. The sounds fold into the inner conscious with an effortless ease. Sparse beats keeps Interference Patterns hovering above the ambient wash only dipping in for a refresh of perception.

Over a half an hour, Interference Patterns is plays like am intercontinental modern day zeppelin. Varying from a lofty almost motionless perch to a jet like speed, collecting a mass of sounds from around the globe. Dispersing sonic waves in mind beguiling patterns, finding roots in dub and space age industrial hum, Interference Patterns messes with your thoughts in a good way. The sound is rich and has a fascinating depth, never holding one place for two long. T…

Tulketh - General Waste

The fifty copies of this cassette dispersed into collections like water on dry earth evaporating in full sunlight. Stretching in infinite directions are the all consuming beats of Tulketh. Ripples in the sand, each grain tumbling in ever changing positions, joined in unison with billions of counterparts. In a collective harmony, this energetic process creates rhythm. Tulketh takes the organic vibration and amplifies it, like a glass blower using tools and heat, General Waste captures hidden groove existing in every aspect of life.

Recorded live.... General Waste is about forty five minutes over eight tracks. There are some words that will possibly attach a genre to this, but i am not going to use them. Instead, think of atoms bound together. Electrons orbiting the nucleus and with each rotation a beat is made. Like water molecules closely connected with each other, every molecule is making sound. The entire body breathes rhythm. This is the sound of Tulketh, tied into the microcosm o…

Christensen & Chlapek - Unknown Pressures

Two artists painting a canvas from either side. One using an airbrush and the other finely pointed bristles. The canvas becomes fully saturated, colors falling to the ground and forming a new spectacle, different than the one above. Ben Chlapek & Matt Christensen are the musicians joining talents in this new release from Dismal Niche titled Unknown Pressures. Together they balance the sound scales with two forms of sonic splendor.

Close to forty minutes, Unknown Pressures is partitioned into four virtually seamless pieces. Ben's analog synth paints an aural landscape similar to the wide and continuous area of the American southwest. Expansive valleys dotted with buttes and monuments disappearing over the horizon. The warmth of the land juxtaposed with a loneliness created by so much of it. Matt's guitar is like the electric atmosphere circulating through this vista. Providing electric charges mixed with wind and rain. In turn causing the synth to heat or cool, undulating w…

Crown of Eternity - Dream Architecture

Harmonic vibrations evoking spiritual pathways to appear. Like the Norse myth of rainbow bridge to Bitfröst, Crown of Eternity has composed or constructed their own conduit for the consciousness. The resonances emitted on Dream Architecture engulf an immense spectrum. Potential connections awaits each listener. When the correct frequency lingers in your mind, thoughts begin to dissipate. Focus on nothing and these notes will lead to a different place.

Mike and Gallina Tamburo are the musicians making up Crown of Eternity. Amazingly this composition was recorded live. With so much drone music out there, so much good drone music, this live recording of various bells, gongs, bowls and triangles is incredibly special. A Gamelan influenced or rooted treat, without the crescendo in tempo much of the Java/Bali music seems to pattern. Dream Architecture is a sublime achievement in both beauty and patience. Strolling with supreme balance between a foreboding temple preparing for sacrifice and …