Crown of Eternity - Dream Architecture

Harmonic vibrations evoking spiritual pathways to appear. Like the Norse myth of rainbow bridge to Bitfröst, Crown of Eternity has composed or constructed their own conduit for the consciousness. The resonances emitted on Dream Architecture engulf an immense spectrum. Potential connections awaits each listener. When the correct frequency lingers in your mind, thoughts begin to dissipate. Focus on nothing and these notes will lead to a different place.

Mike and Gallina Tamburo are the musicians making up Crown of Eternity. Amazingly this composition was recorded live. With so much drone music out there, so much good drone music, this live recording of various bells, gongs, bowls and triangles is incredibly special. A Gamelan influenced or rooted treat, without the crescendo in tempo much of the Java/Bali music seems to pattern. Dream Architecture is a sublime achievement in both beauty and patience. Strolling with supreme balance between a foreboding temple preparing for sacrifice and the singular wind chime gently sounding in a soft sunlit breeze. There are many pathways in Crown of Eternity's sound, making this an individualized delightful experience for each listener. Over fifty minutes of expertly crafted aural selections, impressions delivered as the voids seemingly open up.

This is the newest release on Inner Islands out of Oakland. Mike had a very early release on Inner Islands titled Presence. Long sold out but a few copies of this double cassette are for sale on discogs. Dream Architecture is in an edition of seventy five and is currently available from Inner Islands. Possessing a timeless grandeur makes this tape hard to tell if it is forty years old or brand new.

Inner Islands site - bandcamp - facebook
Mike Tamburo - bandcamp - facebook

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